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Student Stories

Rica Maree

Pre-Masters 2021/22. Progressed to MSc Biotherapeutics and Business

Watch to hear about Rica Maree's Pre-Master's Journey in UCD.

Zeyu Chen

Pre-Masters 2019/20. Progressed to Master of Regional and Urban Planning

I completed the International Pre-Master's Pathway Programme in UCD Applied Language Centre in 2020. As a Chinese student, I found the language courses here in ALC particularly helpful, as they provided focused approaches to academic English which helped me being well-prepared for the oncoming master's degree. The optional modules, such as Modern Ireland, are also worth underlining regarding their exclusive access to multi-aspects of learning experiences in UCD. It is a vibrant and open environment here in UCD and this programme supported me to connect with many other facilities and resources in this environment. One of the handy events is the Alumni Event which gave me exceptional opportunities to understand the outcome of the programme and future choices. 

I'm currently doing my master's degree in Regional and Urban Planning, which is a very interactive programme. Having completed the International Pre-Master's Pathway Programme, I do find it smooth while cooperating with other classmates. By the way, Ireland is a breathtaking place to live and there are plenty of opportunities to explore during the programme!"

Zitong Xu

Global Engagement Master's Partnership Pathway 2020/21. Progressed to MSc Accounting & Financial Management

I am Zitong Xu. I am a member of the Joint programme of Beijing University of Chemical and Technology (BUCT)-University College Dublin (UCD). Therefore, I had an opportunity to have a half year studying journey in the Pre-Masters programme when I was a senior student in BUCT.

It is quite challenging for Chinese students to listen to the courses and express their opinions in English, since we have never had this kind of experience before. Pre-Masters provides us a good chance for me to jump out of my comfort zone. The reasons are two. First, it can improve our English level and reduce the language barrier. Second, small class sizes facilitate interaction between students and teachers. For me, I always asked questions and answered tutors’ questions. During this period, I found my way to talk with native speakers and spread my ideas with others.

I cherish this learning experience and I highly recommend Pre-Masters. You are not alone in this learning journey. Our tutors are kind and hardworking. They can support you if you have any questions about knowledge and language learning. What’s more, you may recognize a lot of friends, which may comfort, encourage and motivate you at any time, since you have the similar learning experience and are all fighting for your goals at the similar age.

Rica Maree Presbitero

Pre-Master's Diploma 2021/22. Progressed to MSc Biotherapeutics & Business

The International Pre-Master’s Program has equipped me with academic tools and skills, especially in study preparation and discipline in doing tasks in my current Masters course. I strongly recommend it for students who also want to redefine and hone their skills in academic reading and writing.

Xiaoyi Wang

Pre-Master's Certificate 2018/19. Progressed to MSc International Business

The Pre-Masters Programme has brought great benefits to my current postgraduate study. The course design as well as help from the teachers enable me to start my postgraduate study well and quickly. Of course, I also believe that what I learned in the Pre-Masters Programme will benefit me for a lifetime. If you are a student from a non-English speaking country and want to have a good academic career in Ireland, this Pre-Masters Programme has everything you need!

Weihao Meng

Global Engagement Pre-Master's Pathway 2018/19. Progressed to MEngSc Biopharmaceutical Engineering

My name is Weihao Meng. Now I am a master student majoring in Biopharmaceutical Engineering. I joined premaster in 2018 by UCD-BUCT program. This year's English for academic purposes (EAP) education has significant influence on my future career development. This project enabled me to perform better in my master's courses, including communication with teachers and group discussions. Moreover, I have also made great progress in academic writing which means a lot for a master student. At present, I am applying for Ph.D. position. The education in premaster is the cornerstone of my future academic career.

Yunxiao Jiang

Global Engagement Pre-Master's Pathway 2019/20.

Since the first day I came to the UCD class and met you nice and responsible and friendly teachers, I feel far more relaxed than the first period of me being on campus. I came here alone and there’s no Chinese classmate of mine. Also I am a bit shy of making new friends as I might get too nervous to say some things out of my mouth without thinking, which I am sure that I once made a bit awkward scene at class. So I am quite grateful for the patience, encouragement and smile that you all gave me. They really helped me a lot when I felt myself being stupid at class or when I was suffering from depression alone at my room. These things make me feel the value of myself. If I can go back to those days, I will definitely go and be friends with you.

I will never forget those days of studying in UCD and even though there’re unpredictable things happens in the middle of the great days, I will still cherish those moments and knowledge that I learned from there.

Yuchen Li

Global Engagement Pre-Master's Pathway 2017/18. Progressed to ME Biosystems & Food Engineering.

Pre-Masters Programme is a great option for ‘freshmen’ who study abroad, It is helpful for them to adapt to a new culture and education style. I partook in this programme in 2017, and I benefited from these two semesters. All my tutors were friendly and patient, they provided kind help for my study. My English skills had a sharp improvement due to the practice in academic writing, speaking and reading. In addition, this programme also prepared me for postgraduate study. Some modules related to my Mater programme were selected. Thus, I could obtain more information about relevant fields and be familiar with academic staff in my School. All in all, I strongly recommend you join in the Pre-Masters Programme. It must be the best option for you to start your study in UCD.

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