How much carbon is stored in Irish forests?

CForRep aims to improve current estimates and reporting methods

Much has been learned in recent years about the storage of carbon by Irish forests. Much of this research has been funded by CoFoRD under the CARBiFOR programme. This has been important in order for Ireland to meet international reporting obligations under the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the Kyoto Protocol. Previous studies focussed on carbon stored in trees, both above- and belowground. Further work is needed to provide a better understanding of the carbon stored in soil pools and what happens to carbon when a forest is disturbed. Do soil carbon quantities change when trees are planted on farmland? When a forest is disturbed, either intentionally through sustainable forest management (e.g. thinning), or unplanned disturbance as a result of forest fire or disease/pest attack, how does the carbon balance change?
In this research project, we want to improve the estimates that we have about carbon in our forests.

The consortium of researchers are spread between the UCD Forestry, UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science, the University of Limerick Department of Life Sciences, Teagasc's Spatial Analysis Unit, and the University College Cork Geography Department. For further details see the Research Team page.

This project was funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine under CoFoRD. BACK TO TOP

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