Climate Change - Legal Instruments


Funded By:

  University College Dublin (UCD)

Lead Researchers:

  Dr Pat Gibbons and Dr Ronan Mc Dermott


  School of Agriculture & Food Science

 Whether attributed to homo sapiens or not, the world’s climate is changing.

One of the most pressing implications is the high risk of displacement of millions of people across the world due to the loss of territory or livelihood. ‘Climate change is already undermining the livelihoods and security of many people, exacerbating income differentials and deepening inequalities.


The inadequacy of the current legal and operational regime around climate change displacement has been well-documented. The response of the international community to this global challenge should be informed by respect for human rights and the rule of law.

In this scenario this research with analyse relevance of selected current legal policies and principles towards suggesting new/ modified legal instruments appropriate to contemporary humanitarian contexts.