Disaster Risk Reduction: a study of the epistemology of risk and organizational decision-making


Funded By:

Concern Worldwide

Lead Researchers:

Dr Pat Gibbons, Aaron Clarke-Ginsberg


Duration of Project:

01-Jan-13 to June 2015



Concern and UCD’s Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA) are collaborating on a research project to contribute to the humanitarian debate on disaster risk reduction (DRR). For many years there have been calls for organisations like Concern to share positive experiences and success stories to shape DRR policy and practice (Holmes, 2007; HPN, 2007; Pantuliano,2011).

Similarly, the recent conclusion of the 5th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR), the Yogyakarta Declaration, called on DRR stakeholders to “integrate local DRR and CCA into national development planning”, and to “promote, replicate and scale-up successful community-based DRR and CCA initiatives”. Both Concern and UCD have something to bring to the table. Concern has 7 years of implementing DRR interventions, while UCD has a growing cohort of PhD students working on Humanitarian DRR and related issues.