EUHAP: European Humanitarian Action Partnership

Funded by: European Commission

Lead Researcher: Dr. Pat Gibbons, Dr. Sulagna Maitra & Anne Markey

The project's rationale is twofold. On the one hand, it aims to contribute to the Europe 2020 Strategy, the objectives of the Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in Education and Training and the European Agenda for Modernisation of Higher Education through a humanitarian partnership between HEIs and key humanitarian employers, to promote the exchange of best and innovative practices and improve the quality and efficiency of education and training in order to boost skills/competences, increase employability and improve opportunities of young people in a professionalising field. On the other, it seeks to contribute to the professionalisation of the delivery of aid, based on the EU's commitment to humanitarian action, across members states.

More specifically, the project aims to:

1) Establish clear linkages between occupations, skills/competences and qualifications in the humanitarian sector;

2) Facilitate the validation and recognition of humanitarian qualifications, identify learning pathways and develop clear progression routes from vocational and other education types in the humanitarian sector to higher education;

3) Improve access to humanitarian education and training through a greater variety in modes of delivery and the development and dissemination of Open Educational Resources [OER];

4) Promote a transnational community of knowledge and practice by developing an interactive platform of Humanitarian Activity in Europe;

5) Establish a European Observatory of Humanitarian Activity with recognised data collection laboratories/research centres in each member state.