Call for Paper Proposals

We welcome proposals of communications for CHAGS13. A standard timetable slot is 10min for an oral communication. Poster presentations will have the opportunity to make a 2 minute 'flash' presentation of their research. Deadline for submission of communication proposals: Feb 25th 2022. We hope that the following Session Abstracts will inspire you to submit an oral communication or poster. In order to give voice to as many researchers as possible, delegates are limited to two first author/presenting papers.



PLENARY - Biological and cultural adaptation to changing climates

PLENARY: Education for Contemporary Hunter-Gatherers

PLENARY - Working well together

21st Century Hunter-Gatherer Studies

Conflict or Collaboration? The impact of World Heritage on hunter gatherers

Current Issues and Futures for Indigenous Societies: Indigeneity, cultural heritage, health and lifestyle

Current Research

Endangered Hunter-Gatherer Languages

Exploring the role of insects amongst hunter-gatherer lifeways in the past and present

Extractive Industries

Food for thought

Forager Child Studies

Foragers in High Places: hunter-gatherers and mountain landscapes

Four approaches to studying childrearing among hunter-gatherers

Human Adaptation and Sustainability in a Moral Community

Hunter Gatherers, Land Rights and the Environment

Hunter-Gatherer Atmospheres

Hunter-Gatherers and Experimental Archaeology

Hunter-gatherers and formal education

Hunting Time

Indigenous people as victims of the world’s carbon zero strategy

Influencers or Innovators

Living and working well together

Living Livelihoods

Living with Natural Hazards

Modern Canadian Hunters and Gatherers

Multispecies worlds and socio-centric societies

Patterns of hunter-gatherer resilience

Personal Ornamentation and Social Relations in Hunter-Gatherer Worlds

Plants, People and Things

Poster Session

Research codes and contracts among hunter-gatherers

Staying at home: Children's experience during the pandemic

The Dawn Of Everything

The Economic and Social Implications of Seafaring and Watercraft Technology among Hunter-Fisher-Gatherers

The Genomics of Hunter-Gatherer Populations

Theory, methods, ethics and the validation of knowledge: an interdisciplinary dialogue on coastal hunter-gatherer societies

What is 'Living Well'?


Key timeline:

Nov 19th 2021 – Session Proposals deadline
Dec 3rd 2021 – Scientific Committee to review Session Proposals
Dec 14th 2021 – finalise & publicise Sessions, open Call for Papers, open Registration
Jan 28th 2022 – Registration for call for papers open
Feb 25th 2022 – close Call for Papers
Mar 4th 2022 – complete review of Paper Proposals