Through the generous support of our sponsors, CHAGS13 are delighted to be able to offer bursaries to support attendance at our meeting. There are two types of travel subventions: partial and full. Ten of each will be offered.

A ‘partial’ travel subventions covers costs of up to five nights of on campus accommodation (equivalent to €375) and conference registration (cost depends on registration type).

A full travel subvention covers costs of five nights of on campus accommodation, conference registration and also the costs of a return flight and associated transfers (economy, to maximum of €1000). Please note that the costs of the flight/transfer can only be reimbursed after purchase, and funding cannot be made available in advance.

It is assumed that recipients of a subvention will be presenting a paper(s) at CHAGS13.

Applications for subventions should be emailed to before 18th March 2022 and include

- Cover letter outlining subvention type applied for, case for subvention and proposed role at CHAGS (i.e. presenting paper, poster, chairing session etc)

- Estimate of travel costs and details of nights for which accommodation is required.

- CV of applicant


Applications will be assessed by the Local Organising Committee. Criteria will include country of origin, career stage, role in CHAGS13 and previous CHAGS/ISHGR events, evidence of active status as hunter-gatherer researcher. Priority will be given to members of, and those directly representing, hunting and gathering communities. 

Where costs are reimbursed and a recipient does not attend CHAGS13 we reserve the right to seek repayment of the subvention.