MDCS42020 Charles Seminar Series Module Overview

2.5 Credits

Purpose & Overarching Content

This module is designed to provide research students and medical students with an overview of the latest developments within the field of dermatological scientific and clinical research. Students will develop their knowledge through a series of sessions covering fundamental aspects of dermatology, key dermatological research techniques, critical assessment of high impact dermatology research both from within and outside of the institute. Each student is expected to attend a minimum of 60% of sessions (seminar series) over the course of the year (running Sep- June). The student will also be required to write a report on one or more of talks. Participation in post-session discussion will also be required of the student.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the students should have:

  • Developed a good understanding of fundamental dermatology as well as clinical and basic scientific research techniques relevant to this field.
  • Become critically aware of current scientific and clinical research being carried out within the Charles Institute and by national and international dermatological researchers.
  • Developed critical thinking skills on the scientific method and dissemination approach.
  • Experienced leading a discussion in scientific seminars.
  • Improved their skills for presenting scientific research talks.


Assessment Details


Each student is required to attend a minimum 60 % of Charles Seminar Series talks and ask questions during post-session discussions.

Each student is required to attend a minimum 60 % of Journal Clubs and be engaged with discussion throughout.

  • 50% of total grade
  • Must Pass



Moderating and presenting as part of the Charles Journal Club Series-

  • 50 % of Final Grade.
  • Must-Pass