Charles Institute Seminar Series 2019/2020

The 1st Charles Institute Seminar Series was launched in May 2019, and ran until June 2020, with 23 speakers presenting in total.

The series saw  an array of guest speakers from Ireland, Uk & EU, present on a wide range of topics from clinical, to basic research perspectives. The presentations were both in-person in the Charles Seminar Room as well as being broadcast to healthcare professionals on Adobe Connect for most of the series,  but due to the global pandemic, it switched to a wholly-online format from March 2020.

The series was chaired by Prof. Desmond Tobin, and supported by an unrestricted educational grant by RELIFE (part of A. Menarini Ireland), and synopses of the seminars featured  in The Medical Independent (, as written by medical journalist Pat Kelly.

Below you can see list of speakers from the first Charles Institute Seminar Series, as well as link to flyers and synopses.

Speaker 3: Prof. Brian Kirby

5th June 2019: Targetted therapies for psoriasis - the end is nigh?

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Is the end nigh for severe psoriasis?'


Speaker 6: Dr David Baeza

28th August 2019: Artificial lighting: Blue light and Chronodisruption

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Analysing light for life'

Speaker 7: Dr Majella Lane

4th September 2019: Skin health and the importance of topical formulation design

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Topical issues in dermatology'

Speaker 8: Prof. Ulla Knaus

11th September 2019: Reactive Oxygen Species – Lessons from Gut to Skin

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Gut feelings on reactive oxygen species'

Speaker 9: Dr Emer Duffy

2nd October 2019: Sniffing the barrier - Probing skin function through the volatile footprint

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Breaking barriers on the volatile footprint'

Speaker 10: Dr Ciarán Morrison

23rd October 2019: Centrosome proteins that link primary ciliogenesis and the DNA damage response

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'The missing links in cellular dysfunction'

Speaker 12: Dr Aoife Lally

27th November 2019: Skin cancer in immunosuppressed patients: the evolving picture

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Insights on a vulnerable patient population'

Speaker 13: Dr Dmitri Wall

Wed 11th  December 2019: Alopecia current therapeutic options

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Advances in alopecia'

Speaker 14: Dr Jacobo Elies

15th January 2020: Vasculopathy mechanisms in autoimmune skin diseases –Novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of Scleroderma

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Getting to know scleroderma'

Speaker 15: Prof. Sinéad Langan

22nd January 2020: Recent advances in the epidemiology of atopic eczema

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Understanding eczema'

Speaker 16: Dr Andrei Mardayev

5th February 2020: Naked mole rat, a long-lived and cancer-resistant mammal, as a new model to study human skin health

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'The naked truth about human health research'

Speaker 17: Dr Mark Mellet

19th February 2020: Regulation of Interleukin-36γ and its role in inflammatory skin disease

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Under the skin of psoriasis'

Speaker 18: Prof. Eva M.J Peters

4th March 2020: The psycho-neuro-immune connection and the skin: an integrative view

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Stress — the enemy of human health'

Speaker 20: Dr Veronica Kinsler

6th May 2020: Of spots and stripes - understanding mosaic disorders of the skin

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Of spots and stripes'

Speaker 21: Prof. Mark Birch-Machin

13th May 2020: The relationships between nutritional status, antioxidants, bioenergy and interventions on human skin ageing

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: 'Protecting the skin we’re in'

Speaker 22: Prof. Mat Hardman

10th June 2020: Understanding Pathological Wound Healing; Opportunities for Translation.

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis: ' Big challenges, bigger opportunities in wound-healing'