Charles Institute Seminar Series 2020/21

The 2nd  Charles Institute Seminar Series ran from October 2020 until June 2021, with 19 speakers presenting in total.

The series saw  an array of guest speakers from Ireland, UK, US  & the EU, present on a wide range of topics from clinical, to basic research perspectives. It was fully online via Adobe Connect due to the global pandemic.

The chair was Prof. Desmond Tobin, and the series was supported by an unrestricted educational grant by RELIFE (part of A. Menarini Ireland), and synopses of the seminars featured  in The Medical Independent (, as written by medical journalist Pat Kelly.

Below you can see list of speakers from series 2, as well as a synopsis of each talk (as featured in the Medical Independent).

Speaker 2: Dr Ollie Harrison

21st October 2020: Commensal-specific T cells: poised for wound repair

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis 'Insights into wound repair'

Speaker 3: Prof Liam Gallagher

28th October 2020: Malignant Cutaneous Melanoma: Progression-Related Biomarkers and Functional Mediators

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis 'Halting the march of melanoma'

Speaker 4: Dr Cédric Delevoye

25th November 2020: Skin Pigmentation viewed from the inside: the journey of the melanin pigment

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis 'Shedding light on melanin pigment'

Speaker 5: Dr Shirley Potter

2nd December 2020: Plastic surgery approaches to skin disease

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis 'Melanoma from bench to bedside'

Speaker 7: Dr Colin Adrain

20th January 2021: iRhom proteins and ADAM17: key regulators of growth control & inflammation

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis 'Key regulators for growth and inflammation'

Speaker 8: Dr Jens Rauch

27th January 2021:Tackling acquired resistance mechanisms in malignant melanoma

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis 'Treatment resistance in malignant melanoma'

Speaker 11: Prof Marjana Tomic-Canic

3rd March 2021: From Bedside to Bench and Back:Why Wounds Don’t Heal and What Can We Do About It?

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis 'Clinical help in the healing process'

Speaker 12: Prof. Emma Teeling

10th March 2021: Growing old yet staying young: do bats hold the secret of extended longevity?

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis 'Unlocking the secrets of longevity and disease tolerance'

Speaker 14: Prof. Liz Patton

21st April 2021: Discovering & targeting new melanocyte & melanoma cell populations in zebrafish

Medical Independent Talk Synopsis 'Fishing for answers on melanocytes and melanoma'

Speaker 16: Dr Matt Harries

12th May 2021: Scarring alopecias


Speaker 17: Prof. Ralf Paus

26th May 2021: The Hair Follicle as a Chemosensory Organ

Speaker 18: Dr Robyn Hickerson

9th June 2021: Preclinical development of oligonucleotide therapeutics in an ex vivo skin model

Speaker 19:Prof. Girish Patel

16th June 2021: Skin cancer stem cells, from inception and beyond