Systemic and pilo-sebaceous inflammation in hidradenitis suppurativa


Project Title: Systemic and pilo-sebaceous inflammation in hidradenitis suppurativa 

Thematic Area: Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Focus of Research: Hidradenitis suppurativa


Hidradenitis suppurativa is cutaneous immune-mediated inflammatory disease.

Systemic inflammation is a recognized feature of this disease and may be associated with the early mortality associated with this condition. 

Aims & Objectives: To characterize systemic inflammation associated HS by measuring the following indices of systemic inflammation: Full Blood Count, Creatinine, Renal profile, Liver function tests (LFT), glucose, lipids, high sensitivity C-reactive protein test; Blood pressure; Fasting lipids, insulin, adiponectin, leptin, and resistin; Vitamin D levels; Telomerase and methylated-DNA; IL-23p19 and IL-23p40.

The second element of this project will be a thorough assessment of the status of perlesional, early, mid and late lesional HS tissue with inclusion of an assessment of the associated immune regulatory status. For example, there is evidence that there is an abnormal IL17:Treg ratio in HS tissue. This will be examined together with associated transcription factors and other relevant molecular machinery. Routine demographic data including disease severity will be collected.

Funded by: Abbvie

PI: Prof Desmond J Tobin and Prof Brian Kirby

Other Group/team members: Dr Daniel Johnston

Project Duration:  March 2020- March 2022.