Thematic Areas

Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Inflammation is an essential defence mechanism in the body, where our immune systems recognizes and responds to damaged cells, irritants, pathogens etc. Inflammation is also necessary to begin the healing process.

Rare Skin Diseases

A disease is defined as rare when it affects less than 1 in 2,000 people. Rare skin diseases are classified as a diverse group of skin disorders with a variety of symptoms that vary not only from disease to disease, but also from patients suffering with the same disease. 

Skin & Hair Pigmentation

The main determining factor of skin and hair color is their content and type of the pigment Melanin, which is synthesized by melanosomes - organelle uniquely made in skin cells called melanocytes.

Melanoma and other Skin Cancers

Skin cancers are cancers that originate in the skin and consist of abnormal cells that can invade or spread to other parts of the body.

Wound Healing and Wound Care

Skin wound healing can be defined as a discrete timeline of physical phases constituting the post-trauma repair process.

Hair Growth Biology

Hair growth is a uniquely mammalian trait, not shared by another other animal group. For humans, hair represents a powerful genetic and social signal.

Skin-Non-Skin Axes

Exciting emerging areas of biomedical research include the Skin-Gut and the Skin-Brain axes.

Innovation & Consultancy Services

Here at the Charles Institute of Dermatology we collaborate with internal and external partners to co-develop technologies in the skin/hair healthcare and personal care sectors.