The UCD CHAS Neurodiversity Project is a working group of the CHAS EDI Committee, established in 2020. The UCD Neurodiversity Project aims to emulate a similar project, led by Stanford University,  in recognising and providing support for neurodiverse students and staff. Key components of the Stanford project include: 

  • Providing specific supports to neurodiverse staff and students.
  • Providing supports for people working with neurodiverse colleagues.
  • Providing public education and community engagement on neurodiversity.
  • Developing a mentoring programme for employers.
  • Developing resources for educators.
  • Developing modules on neurodiversity.

In 2021 the university established its own Neurodiversity Working Group and the members of the college group joined this new committee. The college group continues to work with its national and international partners on research and public outreach, including webinars and conferences. 

Meet the Team

 The UCD Neurodiversity Project is an interdisciplinary group with membership from within CHAS, and the UCD School of Psychology. 

News and Events

Upcoming International Online Conference

The UCD Neurodiversity project, together with its partners, will host an online conference in May 2022, titled 'Neurodiversity and the Legal System : Towards Equality for All.' This follows on from the successful conference in 2020 on Neurodiversity and Higher Education. For more information, click on the image below. 


International Online Conference:

In December 2020 the UCD Neurodiversity Project co-hosted a conference , ‘ Neurodiversity : A Paradigm Shift in Further Education and Beyond,’ which took place online over two days. The conference aimed to start a strength-based conversation about neurodiversity in third-level institutions and amongst employers and was co-hosted by NUI Maynooth, Stanford University, Untapped Holdings and ADHD Ireland. You can access recordings by clicking on the image below. 


Masterclass Series

The UCD Neurodiversity Project, along with its national and international partners, cohosts an online monthly Masterclass Series. The Neurodiversity Masterclass Series takes place online on the fourth Thursday of every month. A full schedule including links to watch back previous sessions is listed below. Register for future sessions via Eventbrite click here .

You can watch back the most recent session with Qona Rankin , Dyslexia Coordinator at the Royal College of Arts by clicking on the image below. Qona spoke about 'The creative contribution individuals with dyslexia and dyspraxia make to the UK.' 

Image from video


Prof Simon Baron Cohen ( Univ Cambridge)

Ronan McGovern - Neurodiversity champion, advocate and innovator : Managing and Succeeding with ADHD 

Judy Singer - Sociologist, Researcher, Author on the origins of the term and a socio-economic perspective 

Prof Lawrence Fung (Stanford) – Neurodiversity in Higher Education 

Damien Milton - Academic and Chair, Participatory Autism Research Collective on ‘Double Empathy why Autistic People are often misunderstood’ 

Beth Radulski - Autism and Neurodiversity Advocate 

Sonya Girdler –Prof Occupational Therapy, Curtin Univ Australia 

Mary Doherty – Founder Autistic Doctors International 

Ginny Russell – Snr Research Fellow, Exeter 

Aidan Healy – Lexxic, Psychologists supporting Neurodiversity 

Tara O'Donnell Killen, Thriving Autistic,  and Davida Hartman, The Children's Clinic.

Dr Seonaid Anderson on Tics and Tic Disorders

Prof Sara Rankin on Neurodiversity in Higher Education



 A new professional Certificate / Diploma in Neurodiversity was launched in December 2020. Designed for those who work with neurodivergent individuals in any settings, such as clinical practice, education, or other workplaces. Further information can be found here



 The UCD Neurodiversity Project recognises the value of collaboration and sharing resources and is proud to work closely with partners in Ireland and internationally.

 In 2020 UCD CHAS signed an MOU with Neurodiversity Hub an Australian organisation which brings together third level institutions and provides resources to assist in the support of neurodiverse students and staff.

 In Ireland, the group works with ADHD Ireland and Etain Quigley of NUI Maynooth.