International Conference on ‘Neurodiversity: A Paradigm Shift In Higher Education & Employment'

Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th December 2020

Registration is now open for our two day virtual international conference ‘Neurodiversity: A Paradigm Shift In Higher Education & Employment ’ taking place online on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th December.

The purpose of the conference is to share current research and understanding of neurodiversity and practical models implemented in support of further education and employment. 

The schedule is divided into four sessions over two days, and will include presentations and panel discussions. Panel discussions will focus on effective models which have been implemented in educational and business sectors nationally and internationally.  Prof Lawrence Fung of Stanford University will lead a panel of international employers discussing effective innovations within business. 


Thursday 3rd December

Keynote Sessions from Prof Simon Baron Cohen on Neurodiversity : Current Perspectives, and Judy Singer ‘Conceptualising Neurodiversity.’

Further presentations in Session One include: Andrew Eddy (Neurodiversity Hub), Dr Duncan Astle (Cambridge) , Dr Damien Milton (Kent) Tiffany Jameson (Grit and Flow) and Prof Sonya Girdler (Curtin)

Session Two on 3rd December focuses on Neurodiversity in Universities and Higher Education, with a keynote from Prof Sara Rankin (Imperial) on ‘Recognising and Supporting Staff and Students.’ 

Further presentations in Session Two include Prof Laurence Fung and Christy Matta on the Stanford Neurodiversity Project, as well as Lisa Padden and Julie Tonge (UCD), Mary Rose Sweeney )DCU), Helen Duncan (Cambridge), Elizabeth Radulski (LaTrobe), Quona Rankin (Royal College of Art) , and Laurie Ackles (Rochester Institute of Technology.)

This session will conclude with a panel discussion chaired by Ken Kilbride (ADHD Ireland) including Adam Harris (ASIAM), Dara Ryder (Ahead), Rosie Bissett (European Dyslexia Assoc) and Clodagh Nolan (TCD.)



Friday 4th December

Keynotes from Dr Simon Bury (La Trobe) on Mental Health, as well as Irene Talento on ‘Inclusive Built Environments’, Conor Hartigan (Univ Limerick) on ‘Assistive Technology in Education’, and Hari Srinivasan on his ‘Personal Experience of Technology.’

The final session on the afternoon of Friday 4th December focuses on Neurodiversity in Employment and includes a Keynote from Prof Susanne Bruyere (Cornell) on ‘Building a More Neurodiversity Inclusive Workplace.’  There will also be two panel discussions chaired by Prof Laurence Fung, and Dan Feshbach (Blue Umbrella). 

Further Presentations include: Xialene Chang (Harvard), Tamara Stern (Landmark), Vanessa Castaneda Gill (Social Cipher), Nancy Doyle and Uzma Waseem (Birbeck), Hans Van de Velde (European Brains at Work), Marcia Scheiner (Integrate Advisors) and Doug Meeker (3R Behavioural Solutions.)

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Full Schedule is below.

Neurodiversity Conference 2020 Schedule

This conference is hosted by

UCD, NUI Maynooth, Stanford University, Untapped Holdings and ADHD Ireland.