International Men's Day 2020

International Men's Day takes place this week on Thursday 19th November 2020. To mark the event, CHAS EDI Committee asked men across the College to share their thoughts on parenting in the time of COVID. 

Eoin Brennan, Ad Astra Assistant Professor, UCD School of Medicine

Being a parent is a job like no other. Challenging, exhausting, funny and exciting are just some of the words I would use to describe my average day. As soon as that baby is placed in your arms you not only have to take care of yourself, but you also have the responsibility of raising this child to become a responsible member of society.

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Eoin Cummins, School of Medicine

On the 12th of March my family and I passed carefully through a quiet Dublin airport and
boarded a flight to Gran Canaria. When we arrived in Las Palmas and switched on our
phones, we were alerted to the fact that  Ireland was now in lockdown. Not a bad place to be
during lockdown we thought as the sun kissed our faces and we were efficiently transferred
to our apartment complex in Puerto de Mogan.

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Timmy Frawley, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems

Originally from the West of Ireland, my wife and I have two children aged 3 and 5.  My wife works as Director of Nursing in a local Mental Health Service.  Therefore, when the first lockdown occurred, her workload rose exponentially and while it did not happen, the prospect of her relocating to HSE accommodation in Dublin loomed large.  So, all in all, I spied an opportunity to support her, work from home and have wonderful Daddy, Daughter and Son time with the kids.

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Brendan Loftus, School of Medicine

Being an older dad of two boys (Fionn 3 and Tomas 6) , myself brought up 5th of 6 children in rural Mayo its definitely a changed world when it comes to parenting. Brought up on a farm, my father often left at breakfast and came back as we were going to bed. 

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Keith Smart, School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science

Despite the lockdown’s very real and immediate impact on our working lives, my wife and I very soon discussed and agreed on how we would reorganise and balance our work schedules and home life and care for our 4-year old daughter who up until then had attended creche fulltime.

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Nigel Brunton, School of Agrculture and Food Science

Parenting during the full Covid lockdown caused myself and my wife, as parents of three young
children, (4, 9 and 12) to ask ourselves many questions. Not necessarily the constructive ones such
as, are we giving them enough attention, how are they being affected by not being able to play with
their friends and are we sharing responsibilities equally? No, let’s be honest, like many parents we
were asking: Why are they so badly behaved?

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