UCD School of Chemistry Seminar Series 2018/19

Seminars take place on Wednesdays in S3.56, unless otherwise indicated.

*Pre-seminar coffee and tea will be served 15 minutes before the seminar behind the glass wall on the third floor (A3)*

Friday 28th September

10:30-11:00 E2.14

Two Decades of Commercializing Nanotechnology for Medical Devices: Real Products Helping Real Humans

Thomas J. Webster - UCD Bionanoscience Seminar, Science East, E2.14

Friday 28th September

14:00 S3.56

Carbon-Based Multi-Modal Neural Interfaces for Simultaneous Long-Term Electrical Stimulation and High-Resolution Neurotransmitter Detection

Sam Kassegne, PhD, PE Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Fri 12th October

15:00 H1.51

Beyond 3-D: Recapitulating Nature for Optimal Bioproduction

Speaker: John Cadwell, CEO of FiberCell Systems Inc.

Mon 15th October

15:00 H2.21

Bio-convergence Spintronic Devices

Professor CheolGi Kim - Department of Emerging Materials Science, DGIST, South Korea

Mon 15th October

16:00 S1.67

Catalytic (de) hydrogenation reactions with Fe(ll) and Mn(l) pincer complexes

Professor Karl Kirchner - TU Vienna

Fri 9th November

15:00 H1.51

Luminescent Metal Complexes: From Molecular to Nanoparticle Probes for Detection and Imaging 

Professor Zoe Pikramenou (Univ. of Birmingham)  

Wed 14th November

16:00 S3.56

Synthetic Mimics of Secondary and Tertiary Structure 

Dr Pete Knipe (Queens University Belfast) 



Lecture cancelled   

Professor Polly Arnold (University of Edinburgh) 

11:30 - 18:00 Mon 3rd 

09:30 - 15:30 Tues 4th Dec

S3.56 Science South

Inorganic Symposium to celebrate 50 years of Coordination Chemistry

Two days of talks, posters and flash presentations, view programme 50 years of Coordination Chemistry.

AP de Silva (Queen’s University, Belfast)  

Nils Metzler-Nolte (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Sam de Visser (University of Manchester)

Paddy McGowan (University of Leeds)

Matthias Tacke (University College Dublin)

Frédéric Banse (Université Paris-Sud 11, Orsay)

Annie Powell (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Stuart James (Queen’s University, Belfast)  

Grace Morgan (University College Dublin)

Denise Rooney (University of Maynooth)

Sylvia Draper (Trinity College Dublin)  

Pat Guiry (University College Dublin)

Andrew Phillips (University College Dublin)

Michael McGlinchey (University College Dublin)

Thorri Gunnlaugsson (Trinity College Dublin)

Mark Muldoon (Queen’s University, Belfast)

Aidan McDonald (Trinity College Dublin)

Constantina Papatriantafylloupoulou (NUIG)

Celine Marmion (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) TBA 

Tia Keyes (Dublin City University)

Short Talks:

Helge Muller-Bünz (University College Dublin)

Irina Kühne (University College Dublin)

Wed 5th December

16:00 H1.26

UCD Chemistry Society Christmas Lecture & Reception

Prof. Andreas Heise, Head of Polymer Chemistry, The Royal College of Surgeons.

Macromolecular engineering with amino acids: From simple linear polypeptides to bespoke biomaterials for gene delivery and tissue engineering 

16:00-17:15 : Lecture by Prof. Heise H1.26 (Intel Theatre -Theatre E)

17:15-18:30: Mulled wine/ punch reception

18:30-20:00: Christmas dinner in Pi, BYOW (bring your own wine)

Fri 7th December 

All Day - RCSI

CSCB Annual Symposium Recent Advances in Synthesis and Chemical Biology XVII  

Prof Helma Wennemers (ETH)

Prof Jonathan Nitschke (Cambridge Univ.)

Prof Ed Tate (Imperial College London)

Prof Kevin Booker-Milburn (Univ. of Bristol)

Prof Chris Braddock (Imperial College London)

Mon 14th January

3.00 pm S1.67

Chemical Biology of Cellular Carbohydrates: Multivalency & Bioorthogonal Labelling

Professor Valentin Wittman (University of Konstanz)

Tues 12th February

4.00 pm S3.56

Chemical synthesis of oligosaccharides representative of plant cell wall glycans

Professor Mads Hartvig Clausen, DTU, Copenhagen

Thurs 14th February

3pm S1.67

Glycosyl cycloadducts and their interactions with biological targets

Professor Cristina Nativi (Univ. of Florence)

Wed 13th March

4.00 pm S3.56

The Synthesis of Bisphosphorylated Compounds and their Applications in Biomedicine

Professor Marc Lecouvey (Univ. Paris 13)

Tues 19th March

4.00 pm S3.56


Exploring different facets of catalysis and quinoidal systems: A new frontier for potent trypanocidal quinones

Prof. Eufranio da Silva Junior (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)

Thurs 21stMarch

2.30 pm S3.56

Degradation of nanoparticles and how it affects particle interaction with cells

Professor Wolfgang Parak (University of Hamburg)

Fri 29th March

3.30 pm S1.67

Exploration of the Biosynthesis of Glycosaminoglycans

Professor Ulf Ellervik (University of Lund)

Tues 2nd April

3.00 pm S3.56

3.50 pm Tea Break

4.05 pm S3.56


Newman Fellowship Programme 30th Anniversary:

Rotameric Molecular Clip Receptors: Rates, Equilibria, & Geometry via VT-NMR & Quantitative nOe

Dr Brian Murray (TU Dublin)

Small molecules for assessing and manipulating mitochondria

Prof Richard Hartley (Univ. of Glasgow)

Thurs 11th April

3.00 pm H2.38

Nanotechnology Approaches to Biological Heterogeneity and Cellular Therapies

Professor Paul Weiss (UCLA)

Thur 25th April

5.00 pm

Chemistry Society Inaugural Lecture

Prof. Steven Ley (University of Cambridge)

Flow Chemistry: New Tools for Molecule Makers


Thurs 16th May

3 pm S3.56 

Circular Chemistry, steric attraction and photo-induced single-electron transfer: new adventures in main-group chemistry

Dr Chris Slootweg (University of Amsterdam)

Tues 28th May

9 - 5pm

Dublin Chemistry, 3rd Year Talks Day, UCD

Health Science Centre, UCD

Fri 7th June


Royal Society of Chemistry Ireland Regional Meeting

Tom Simpson (RSC Robert Robinson award)

R Cox (Hannover), T O’Sullivan (UCC), M. Rubini (UCD), E. O’Reilly (UCD), A. Kellet (DCU), E. Myers (NUIG), J McGouran (TCD).

19th - 22nd August 

ECSBM 2019

European Conference on Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules (ECSBM)

ECSBM is recognised as a leading international conference at which applications of biomolecular spectroscopy in fundamental scientific research, medical and clinical sciences, and the pharmaceutical industries are explored. The scope of the scientific topics covered has recently extended to applications in the fields of biomedical imaging, anticancer research, drug delivery and nano-biotechnology and the meeting in Dublin will consider the impact for food science and nutrition.