Cell Biology

Cancer Biology 

The majority of cancer patients die because their tumour has metastasised to other sites in the body. The major objective of this work is to investigate the molecular mechanisms involved in tumour invasion and metastasis. We have recently developed and extensively characterised a cell line model of invasive human breast cancer and have used Affymetrix gene arrays to identify new and better markers of metastatic disease. We are also examining the cytotoxicity and anti-invasive activity of novel 5-fluorouracil derivatives.

Large Scale Culture of Mammalian cells 

One of the major challenges currently facing large-scale culture of mammalian cells is the death of cells by apoptosis and the subsequent termination of the process. The identification of the onset of apoptosis in processes would have a major impact on the development of techniques to extend the life-time and thus productivity of the process. A novel and unique method for monitoring these changes in the cell culture is presented by the use of Focussed Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM).

Group Members

Dr Susan McDonnell