UCD wins award for Human-competitive Artificial Intelligence


2017 Humies Award

Natural Computing Research and Applications Group researchers win the Bronze Award for Human-competitive Artificial Intelligence for their work on "Automatic Innovative Truss Design with Grammatical Evolution" at the HUMIES Awards held at ACM GECCO in Berlin this week.

The work formed the basis for Dr Michael Fenton's PhD and was undertaken in collaboration with researchers Dr Erik Hemberg from MIT, and Dr Ciaran McNally from UCD School of Civil Engineering, in addition to Dr James McDermott and Dr Jonathan Byrne.

The work was also recently published in the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (Impact Factor 10.629)

Fenton M., McNally C., Byrne J., Hemberg E., McDermott J., O'Neill M. 2016. Discrete Planar Truss Optimization by Node Position Variation using Grammatical Evolution. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation 20 (4):577-589.

More information on the HUMIES including past winners is available from http://www.human-competitive.org/