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The UCD Engineering Study Abroad Programme offers visiting undergraduate students a unique educational opportunity to participate fully in the academic and social life of Ireland’s Global University. UCD Engineering is the largest Engineering School in Ireland, offering the widest range of engineering disciplines; Biomedical; Biosystems; Chemical & Bioprocess; Civil; Electrical; Electronic; Energy Systems; Mechanical & Materials Engineering and Structural Engineering with Architecture.

Non-EU Fee Rates: Go to the Fees Office website here and type the programme code i.e. CV10 in the search box

  • CV10 Study Abroad Engineering Autumn
  • CV11 Study Abroad Engineering Spring
  • CV22 Study Abroad Engineering Full-year

EU Fee Rates: Go to the Fees Office website here and type the programme code i.e. CV10 in the search box

  • CV10 Study Abroad Engineering Autumn
  • CV11 Study Abroad Engineering Spring
  • CV22 Study Abroad Engineering Full-year

At UCD we call classes/courses ‘modules’. Details of modules are available to browse on UCD’s online course catalogue at www.ucd.ie/students/course_search.htm. Study abroad students have access to the full range of undergraduate modules available at UCD* (* subject to capacity and timetabling). You can register for up to four modules in your subject area and up to two modules from other programme areas. You may also take all of your modules within your chosen subject area.* Assessment is based on a combination of in-semester components such as projects, class based assignments and formal examinations which take place at the end of each semester in December and May.

(opens in a new window)MEEN30170 Introduction to Engineering Research module is available exclusively to UCD Engineering Study Abroad students.

This module is for Engineering Study Abroad students only. It introduces students to the principles of engineering research through attachment to an active research group in the College of Engineering & Architecture. Students will become active members of a research group and work under the direction of the group’s Principal Investigator. Students will learn about the research focus of the group and conduct independent research into the scientific literature of relevance to the group’s activity. They will shadow a member of the research team and carry out a research project encompassing one or more engineering capabilities. Based on the research activity of the research group, students will learn about research methodologies and what is needed to progress basic research ideas towards higher technology readiness levels. Using data generated by themselves and/or the group, students will learn how to analyse the research data and communicate their findings effectively and take appropriate action. Students will also learn how to write a scientific abstract and a scientific report as well how to make a scientific presentation in the context of engineering research.

Read more about the breadth of research carried out by the study abroad students since spring 2020 here.

The UCD Engineering Study Abroad Programme has a dedicated administrator who works with students and Partner Institutions directly to help make the application process, curriculum mapping and course registration as seamless as possible. They are a direct point of contact in the College to support study abroad students before, during and after their studies at UCD.

One of the essential elements of the study abroad experience is for international students to experience the richness of Irish society and culture.  Our complimentary cultural/social programme will offer you the opportunity to learn about Irish culture through a series of excursions and field trips in Dublin and across the island of Ireland.  Study abroad students will receive a schedule of planned cultural/social activities prior to arriving at UCD. Some excursions include day trips to Waterford City, Galway City and Kilkenny City and much more.

  • We offer a €1,000 tuition fee scholarship to students who study abroad for the full academic year.
  • We offer a minimum €5,000 tuition fee scholarship to returning Study Abroad/Non-EU Exchange Students towards their graduate studies. Find out more here.

Students can be housed on-campus in shared apartments with their own single room though on-campus rooms are not guaranteed.  UCD Residences won a (opens in a new window)Go Overseas Community Choice Award achieving top scores in the Housing category for the standard and quality of its on-campus housing in 2020. The housing process is managed centrally by UCD Global so you will be notified in advance of application dates and deadlines. You are invited to research the on-campus accommodation options on https://www.ucd.ie/residences/residences/ and direct any query via email to (opens in a new window)residences@ucd.ie

Alternatively and by request, UCD Global facilitates students in suitable off-campus housing in private rented houses/apartments in Dublin but on a convenient bus route to UCD. 

UCD will send an official academic transcript of your final exam grades to your home institution at the end of the trimester. Your home institution will decide on credits to be awarded for modules pursued at UCD.

To be eligible for any UCD Study Abroad Programme, you should hold a GPA of 3.00. You must submit your transcript and a copy of your passport as part of the application process.

Applications are made on-line at www.ucd.ie/apply and the correct programme code can be found under the Programme Title and Fees tab. 

Full year or first semester (fall) May 1st
Second semester (spring) October 25th

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