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Opportunities and Challenges in Economic Policy Communications Workshop

Opportunities and Challenges in Economic Policy Communications Workshop

The Connected_Politics Lab together with the Central Bank of Ireland and the University of Essex organized a workshop on Opportunities and Challenges in Economic Policy Communications on January 17, 2020. The workshop was hosted by the Central Bank of Ireland and aimed to bring together and interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners from the fields of political science, political economy,  economics, and data science. 

The keynote address was given by Christoph Rosenberg, Assistant Director in the IMF’s Communications Department. Financial Stability Director Vasileios Madouros introduced the workshop, addressing the participants on the challenges faced by central bankers when communicating on financial stability issues. 



  • James P. Cross (UCD) & Vasileios Madourous (Central Bank of Ireland)

Practitioner’s view
- Chair: Martijn Schoonvelde (Connected_Politics Lab @ UCD

  • CBI Communications Directorate - Public Opinion Analysis of the Central Bank of Ireland

Panel 1: Input legitimacy - Chair: Alessia Paccagnini (UCD Smurfit)

  • Manuela Moschella (SNS) & Davide Romelli (TCD) - Why do they pressure? Policymakers’ backlash at independent central banks (Coauthors: Federico Ferrara (University of Geneva), Donato Masciandaro (Bocconi)).
  • Juliet Johnson (McGill) - When (Powerful) Women Speak, What Do They Say? Gendered Discourse among Central Bank Leaders. (Coauthor: Vincent Arel-Bundock (Université de Montréal)).
  • James P. Cross (Connected_Politics Lab @ UCD) - Talking the talk: Exploring conflict in European Central Bank Governing Council speeches using a discourse network-based approach (Coauthors: Derek Greene (UCD) & Natalia Umansky Casapa (UCD)).

Panel 2: Throughput legitimacy - Chair: Stefan Müller (Connected_Politics Lab @ UCD)

  • Nicolò Fraccaroli (University of Rome Tor Vergata) - Central Banks in Parliaments: A text analysis approach to accountability practices and an application to the ECB, the Fed and the BoE (coauthors: Jean-François Jamet (ECB), Alessandro Giovannini (ECB)).
  • Cheryl Schonardt-Bailey (LSE) - Deliberative Accountability of Economic Policies in Parliamentary Committees.
  • Federico Ferrara (University of Geneva) - Clarity of Central Bank Communication with the Public: How Does the ECB Perform?

Keynote address 

  • Silvia Calò (Central Bank of Ireland) - Speaker introduction
  • Christoph Rosenberg (IMF) - Communication Challenges

Panel 3: Output legitimacy - Chair: Grace Zimmerman (IMF)

  • Nicole Baerg (University of Essex) - Central bank communication as public opinion? (Coauthors: Dominik Duell (University of Essex) and Will Lowe (Princeton)).
  • Conor Parle (Central Bank of Ireland) - It’s not what they say it’s how they say it – measuring the impact of the tone of ECB Governing Council speeches on financial markets.
  • Michael Breen (DCU) - The IMF As a Global Monitor: Surveillance, Information, and Financial Markets (Coauthor: Elliott Doak (Transparency International)).

Concluding Remarks 

  • Nicole Baerg (University of Essex)