The Data Clinic offers all graduate students in the SPIRe the opportunity to ask for advice in relation to their statistical needs, both the use of statistical software (Stata and R) and the application of statistical methods.

Consultant: Dr Akisato Suzuki (IRC Postdoc in the SPIRe,

Date: 14:00-15:00 Tuesdays (no clinic during university closure periods)

Venue: B002 Geary Institute

Target: graduate students of all levels in the SPIRe at UCD.

Areas of consultation: Causal inference and research design for original quantitative research and replication studies, as well as the presentation of quantitative results in both presentations and publications. This includes assistance with the statistical software Stata and R and statistical methods in applied work, but excluding regular homework assignments for statistical modules other than final course papers.


Disclaimer: The consultant cannot take any responsibility for the consequences of you using the service.