The Construction of a Remote Control and Data Collection System of Cai Based.


Junqing Li, Changqing Song, Ning Cao, Russell Higgs, Gregory MP O'Hare, Cuinan Yang, Qiang Zhou


Computer Science, UCD


Networking is an important developing trend in the field of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI). A remote control system makes it possible to access remote software and hardware resources and consequently users can achieve their intended aims by means of remote operations. Nowadays, mobile terminals are becoming essential in people’s lives, so it is meaningful and significant to use them as a remote control and for data collection. This paper implements a remote control and data collection system based on an Android terminal to facilitate interactive data acquisition, the system uses a mobile terminal to control the data and computing resources of CAI in a PC terminal. This system could be installed on a smart phone or pad to communicate with a PC, implemented by means of a UDP protocol using socket technology. The main functions of the system are: simulating computer peripherals, remote data writing, remote desktop, data collection and management, and uploading data to a server.