CNWY40130 Flow Cytometry - Principles & Practice

About the course

Designed for students who wish to understand and become critically aware of principles, practice and applications of rapidly developing imaging technologies.

Credits ECTS 2.5

Dates 09-12 December 2019* 

Schedule Monday -Thursday (10am - 5pm)

Module co-ordinator   Dr Alfonso Blanco

Venue  UCD Conway Institute

Registration OPEN - Deadline: 06 December 2019 

Places available  Available through UCD Conway Flow Cytometry Winter School. Fee applies. 

Course structure

The module will be delivered through seminars (3 hrs - morning) and practical sessions (3 hrs - afternoon)

Credit requirements

  • In advance of seminars, you will be required to review the current literature on the development and application of FC technology to particular areas of research.
  • You will be assessed in :
    • Competency in usage of technology by multiple choice questions
    • Sample preparation and analysis by online analysis
    • Course end evaluation session by problem-based assessment

What does it cover?

  • Introduction to flow cytometry: principles & data analysis
  • Flow cytometry instrumentation
  • Flow cytometry applications; Apoptosis, cell cycle & physiology
  • Flow cytometry applications; Immunology, physiology and clinical cytometry

Why enrol?

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles of flow cytometry (FC)
  • Be able to obtain and critically assess FC data using specific analysis software applications and pre-acquired samples
  • Be familiar with instruments and their components, demonstrate understanding and critical awareness of the process of analysis protocol creation (Block 2).
  • Integrate knowledge of good laboratory practice in instrument usage, sample preparation, quality control, troubleshooting
  • Be able to integrate knowledge of apoptosis, cell cycle and physiology into protocol design for FC analysis and to carry out sample analysis using standard (and/or own) samples and protocols
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of FC to the analysis of immunological & phagocytic cells, carry out sample characteriSation using standard (and/or own) samples and protocols
  • Be critically aware of uses of FC outside the academic research setting

Next steps

 *Please note this module coincides with the 2019 UCD Conway Flow Cytometry Winter School with an associated discounted registration for postgraduate students.