10 Feb 2022: RAMI Robert Graves Lecture 2021


'Grave Considerations on the Resolution of Inflammation in Health and Disease'

Conway Fellow, Professor Catherine Godson has been nominated to deliver the prestigious Robert Graves Lecture 2021 by members of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland. The lecture will be delivered online on Thursday, 10 February 2022. 

Free registration is now open on the RAMI website. 

Inflammation is a vital physiological response. It is critical that the duration and amplitude of inflammation is tightly regulated to maintain tissue homeostasis. It is well appreciated that failure to resolve inflammation effectively underlies numerous prevalent chronic pathologies including vascular complications of diabetes. As the mechanisms underpinning the dynamic resolution of inflammation have been explored key mediators driving these processes have been identified. Preeminent amongst these are lipoxins, a class of lipid mediator. Our work has characterized the role of lipoxins in promoting the resolution of inflammation and suppressing fibrosis. We propose that promoting the resolution of inflammation is an alternative therapeutic paradigm to conventional anti-inflammatory strategies. In collaboration with Professor Pat Guiry at UCD School of Chemistry we have developed novel synthetic lipoxin mimetics and the focus of our current efforts is exploring the therapeutic potential of these agents.

This lecture is dedicated to the memory of Professor Barbara T Murphy FRCPI.