A day in the life: COVID-19 testing volunteer
Mariam Marai is a PhD candidate and research assistant who is volunteering in the recently established COVID-19 testing laboratory in St Vincent’s University Hospital.

Lending scientific expertise to the COVID-19 response
Conway Fellows are lending their scientific expertise to the COVID-19 response through various initiatives to build testing capacity.

Institute response to COVID-19 pandemic
Researchers and staff in UCD Conway Institute are contributing to the national effort to combat COVID-19. 

A day in the life: COVID-19 contact tracing volunteer
Although Professor Helen Roche has a large research group and teaching commitments, she is one of the many volunteers who got involved in the COVID-19 contact tracing initiative in UCD. 

Debunking scientific misinformation during a pandemic
Some Institute researchers are using their knowledge and expertise to provide insights on Coronavirus in plain language and debunk the misinformation circulating on social media.

Sequencing the COVID-19 virus genome
The team in the UCD Conway Institute Genomics Core recently worked in collaboration with the UCD National Virus Reference Laboratory (NVRL) to obtain the genomes of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from the first COVID-19 patient samples in Ireland.

New study uncovers human genes controlling HIV infection.
A map of HIV infection that highlights genetic weaknesses during the infection process has been published by an international research team involving researchers at University College Dublin.

Joint international consensus statement for ending stigma of obesity
Prof. Carel Le Roux is a co-signatory on the joint international consensus statement for ending stigma of obesity published in Nature Medicine.

Dragons’ Den – Involving Patients and Carers in Cancer Research
Regional event in Galway for researchers to get input on specific questions or challenges that they are facing in their research projects from those individuals with a lived experience of cancer.

Choirs unite in tribute to cancer community in Ireland
Marking the 20th anniversary of World Cancer Day, more than 300 singers gathered in a community tribute to those whose lives have been touched by cancer.