Teaching and Assessment FAQs for Faculty

Information UPDATED on Wednesday 15 September 2021

On Campus Teaching 

What is lecture capture? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Lecture capture is a broad term describing the capturing of teaching content, for example the recording of a session that would normally take place in a lecture theatre or classroom. Content can be recorded in a live situation or recorded in advance and shared with students through the VLE. UCD during the academic year 2020/21 has made a significant investment in lecture capture technology with a view to enhancing our broad based approach to supporting our students learning.

Do I have to use lecture capture? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

The University encourages the appropriate use of lecture capture to support students in their learning and study and review. Schools will consider how best such approaches can be incorporated into their existing teaching portfolios and approaches. Lecture capture is provided to supplement the student experience and will not replace student contact hours. Schools are expected to continually review and evaluate their experience in the use of lecture capture to ensure that it enhances student learning.

Is there guidance on using Lecture Capture? * Updated on 8 September 2021

Yes. Guidance on using lecture capture can be found here.

If I am teaching 500 students in class, why it is recommended that I record lectures for classes of 250 students? * Updated on 25 August, 2021

Lecture capture is encouraged for all lectures where the facility is available in the theatre or classroom.  The requirement is that all lecturers provide online teaching material for all lectures with more than 250 students registered in addition to delivering the lectures in person. This online material can be provided through lecture capture, existing recordings, or other means. This approach balances the discretion of faculty on the appropriateness of lecture capture for their class with the support it provides to students who may be unable to attend for short periods during the trimester or who are vulnerable or uncomfortable in large lecture settings. 

If students are expected to attend live sessions, why it is recommended that I record my lectures? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

It is recommended that you record all ‘live’ sessions and make them available afterwards to students for purposes of catch-up, revision and where English is not a student’s first language. If this is not possible, you should ensure that equivalent learning materials are available for students. Some students temporarily may not be in a position to attend for various reasons including contracting COVID-19 or being required to self-isolate as a close contact and the use of lecture capture will support these students to continue their studies during these absences.  Lecture Capture will meet the need to provide accommodation under extenuating circumstances.

Do I have to pre-record learning materials? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Faculty are best placed to judge when it is appropriate to pre-record learning materials.  For further info see TEL Quick Guide – Prerecording Lectures and Screencasts.

Where do I make my lectures and materials available for students? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

All lectures and learning materials must be made available in Brightspace. These include module information, learning materials, activities and assessments. For module design and structural considerations refer to the UCD Teaching and Learning guide on Module Design in Brightspace For support with the most common tasks in Brightspace please click here.

What types of materials do I make available to students on Brightspace? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

You should make available the materials that will best support your students’ learning during this period. This will include some of the following examples pre-recorded lectures/videos, narrated PowerPoint slides, case studies, readings, discussion forums, quizzes, and online group activities. 

Will faculty retain the right to destroy any online teaching materials (recorded lectures/notes etc.) that are prepared as part of COVID-19 delivery? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

The UCD Intellectual Property Policy recognises that UCD owns “copyright in software, apps, data, databases, database rights or to any online teaching materials (including courses captured in video, or in other digital forms) existing or new and UCD shall own all copyright in such works and publications created by the UCD Community in the course of their activities at UCD”. In the context of material produced by faculty solely for the purpose of the provision of distance learning in light of the COVID-19 University response, the University will waive its rights to ownership of the material in its altered form. Faculty will have the right to destroy any material specifically produced as part of the response once the University COVID-19 response concludes.

Do I have to contact students about my module? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Yes. You should contact your students directly to communicate your plans for teaching delivery and explain the approach that you have outlined in your module descriptor.

Will I be provided with PPE throughout the trimester when I am teaching face to face? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

An individual allocation of reusable face coverings, hand sanitiser, sanitising wipes and other hygiene products will be provided by the University to students and staff.  Two reusable face coverings per person for UCD staff and students will be made available. 

A staff personal hygiene pack containing hand sanitiser and wipes for individual use can be collected by prior arrangement via the online request form from one of the collection points [(Building 71, Campus Services (Agriculture Building), Mail Room (Newstead Block A) and Blackrock Services desk) from Monday (except Bank Holidays) to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00].

  • A face shield for individual personal use can also be collected by prior arrangement from all collection points - one face shield per staff member per application will be provided.  Faculty may wish to utilise a face shield in conjunction with 2m physical distancing when teaching. However face shields should not be used in lieu of face masks when 2m physical distancing is not possible.
  • Bulk collections by locally appointed COVID-19 coordinators on behalf of a number of colleagues can be facilitated on application.
  • Hygiene packs contain one pack of wipes and one bottle of sanitiser per staff member. Face shields are limited to one shield per staff member per application.
  • Requests for additional hygiene packs, replacement face shields or additional cleaning material must be submitted to Estates via a new request.

I am  concerned about teaching on campus. What measures are in place in classrooms? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

The University is committed to the health and well-being of all faculty, staff and students.  A sectoral approach to planning for a safe return to campus across the higher and further education sector was agreed and published in June by a wide range of stakeholders including HEI’s Further Education institutions, USI, Unions and the DFHERIS.  All planning for the Autumn Trimester has been undertaken under this framework.

  • Public Health advice and guidance: All activity complies with public health advice and will be adjusted as this advice develops and changes.
  • Vaccination:  All faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to avail of vaccination (unless medically contraindicated).  This has been demonstrated to be the most effective measure to protect oneself and the wider community from the most serious consequences of COVID-19 infection.
  • Ventilation: For information on ventilation, click here.
  • Managing people flow: One way systems will apply where possible in hallways and classrooms.  Additional staff will be provided to assist in circulation during busy class transitions.
  • Face Coverings: Face masks will be used in indoor on-site shared settings in accordance with prevailing public health regulations and guidance.  Students will be required to wear face masks in lectures.  Lecturers will wear face mask until they commence teaching.
  • Testing and tracing:  Protocols for dealing with suspected cases and associated contact tracing are in place and will be in compliance with HSE guidance.
  • Behaviour reminders:  Reminder for students and other members of the university community are in place
  • COVID-19 App:  All members of the community are encouraged to use the app to assist in contact tracing.
  • Data sharing: Students will be asked at registration to consent to data sharing for the purposes of contact tracing.
  • COVID-19 Testing:  The University has an ongoing pilot on antigen testing and is participating in the SFI funded programme. The University will support adoption of testing in line with Department advice and funding. 
  • Reduction in standard lecture time:  To reduce pressure on buildings between lectures, lecture time will be reduced from 50 min  to 45 min. This will also provide additional time for lecturers to set up lecture capture within the classrooms.

Do I have to explain all these rules to students? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Yes, it would be good practice to explain the signage and rules around mask wearing and recording of seat number at the start of class. A sign will be present on the teaching lectern to remind you of the key messages.

How do I stop students coming in when the room is full?

You inform them that the room is full and they cannot enter.

Am I required to keep a class attendance record? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Staff are not required to take attendance at classes unless the module assessment strategy includes components that require a student’s presence to complete or in situations where class attendance is normally required. (Note: Academic regulations do not permit giving students grades for attending).

Attendance records for laboratory, workshop and other practical type classes should be kept.

Who can I refer incidents of inappropriate student behaviour to? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Where a student is belligerent, disrespectful or is engaged in unsafe behaviour in face to face or online settings,  this can be reported to the Head of School and disciplinary process may be invoked through the UCD Student Code.

Is UCD going to contact trace students? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

In the event of a positive case of COVID-19 in the University community the role of contact tracing will be undertaken by the HSE. In such a scenario, it is the responsibility of each member of the University community to be in a position to provide the HSE with details of their contacts, if requested.

To assist with contact tracing, every member of the University community is strongly advised to download and use the Government’s Tracker App.

In addition, staff and students are encouraged to keep their own paper or digital COVID-19 Contact Diary. This contact diary should be used to record details of the owner’s activities when on campus, including what locations they accessed, who they had contact with and for how long in each case. Students attending lectures are also asked to record in their diaries their seat number for each teaching activity.

Staff and postgraduate research students are required to log their attendance on campus on a daily basis via the Estate Services website using the sign-in/sign-out form. Third-party companies, minor works contractors and service providers to the University are also required to log their on-campus activities via the Estate Services website on a daily basis.

Contact diaries and any information held centrally by UCD can be made available to the HSE for contact tracing purposes in the event of a positive COVID- 19 case on campus. Personal data is deleted after a period of 28 days unless a formal request is received from a relevant statutory body.

Do I have to wear a face covering when teaching? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Yes, unless you are you are more that 2m away from the closest students. You should wear face masks when moving in and out of theatres and classrooms and between your office and the classroom when indoors.

Are members of faculty required to enforce face covering wearing during class? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Some students may have valid reasons for not wearing a face covering. It is recommended that a reminder is given to students about the need to wear a face covering during class. This should be sufficient to remind those who should be wearing a face covering to do so. You should ensure that during teaching activities you are at least 2m from the nearest student where possible.

The exception is when the wearing of a face covering is part of mandated personal protective equipment in a laboratory, workshop, or similar type setting, in which case students can be excluded from the session if they are not wearing the required PPE.

If someone in my class refuses to wear a mask, what can I do? *New Friday 10 September

Mask-wearing has been mandated by the University as a requirement of attendance in class. Some students may have a medical exemption from wearing a mask. Students who are unmasked for medical reasons have been asked to confirm that they have medical clearance to attend campus with no physical distancing. If they do not have this clearance, they have been asked to remain off-campus.

Generally, we expect most students to be compliant and faculty/staff are not required to enforce mask wearing. However for your own comfort, some suggested strategies are below:

  • Remind students at the start of class that they are expected to wear a face covering during class and that it should be covering nose and mouth for the duration of the class.
  • Thank them for wearing the mask and doing their bit to protect themselves and their classmates.
  • If breaches of mask-wearing occur after class has started, inform students that shorter lecture times provides them an opportunity to get outside to remove the mask and you will be finishing in xxx number of minutes.
  • If a problem persists continuously, remind students that wearing a mask is required by the University and they may significant disciplinary consequences if they do not comply.

Where a class is disrupted by an organised protest against mask wearing and a majority of students are involved, as a last resort, the lecturer may indicate that the class is ended,  leave and report the incident to the Head of School.

What is the approach to cleaning classrooms? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

There will be an enhanced cleaning regime in place whereby student and teaching desk surfaces will be cleaned twice daily, once in the morning and once later in the day. To complement the work of cleaning staff, all members of the University community are asked to adopt a ‘clean as you go’ approach.

What materials are available in the classroom to sanitise my work area? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Cleaning products, for example wipes, or blue paper and sanitising spray, will be available at the teaching desk for use by the lecturer and at key locations in the rooms for use by students or other users.

How will computer keyboards in classrooms be cleaned? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

All PC keyboards in use at the teaching lectern in shared teaching spaces will be covered with a waterproof keyboard cover that can be cleaned with the cleaning materials available at the lectern.

How will ventilation in the teaching spaces be managed? * Updated on 8 september, 2021

Classrooms in UCD will have windows and / or grilles for ventilation. All internal UCD building spaces have been designed to provide adequate air exchange rates whether through passively ventilated means or mechanical ventilation systems.

  • Passively ventilated offices and classrooms are ventilated by opening windows.
  • Windows should be opened when entering the room and closed at the end of the day for security purposes.
  • It is recommended to actively open windows, even if this causes some discomfort, as it may feel colder.
  • Larger teaching rooms, labs, workshops and theatres are generally all mechanically ventilated, with grilles fitted to the ceiling or walls.
  • Mechanical ventilation systems have been modified to eliminate air recirculation. i.e. to only provide fresh air.

Will real-time air circulation figures be available for teaching rooms with students but no external windows? If not, may staff elect that such lectures will be delivered online? * New 2 September 2021

The air flow and CO2 levels in all mechanically ventilated teaching spaces will be monitored in real time by Estate Services via the Building Management System.

All mechanically ventilated teaching spaces have been assessed with reference to REHVA Guidance re. Covid 19 in order to ensure the provision of adequate ventilation.

Any rooms not in compliance with these guidelines have been modified to improve ventilation, have had their capacity reduced or have been removed from use as a classroom.

Where the ventilation of spaces has been modified this has been revalidated within the space and where necessary external guidance and advice has been sought.

It should be noted that as ventilation rates are increased it is likely that there may be additional noise in rooms.

Faculty will be informed if a teaching space is to be removed from use for maintenance or other reasons and alternative arrangements put in place.

Who is conducting the ventilation audit of teaching spaces? * New 2 September 2021

Estate Services have carried out the ventilation audit of teaching space. Where necessary external guidance and advice has been sought to validate the findings and any changes made to ventilation systems.

What do I do if a CO2 alarm sounds / a red status is shown? * Updated 15 September 2021

Please see up to date information here

What happens when centrally monitored (BMS) CO2 sensors indicate elevated levels of CO2? * Updated 15 September 2021

Please see up to date information here

Should 45 minute lectures start as usual on-the-hour and end at quarter to the hour? * New 2 September 2021

All lectures should start on the hour and conclude at 45 minutes.

Will the lecture time of 45 minutes be reflected in the student timetable? * New 8 September 2021

No. To minimise the impact on the 2022-23 timetable, it has been decided that the lecture time change will not be changed on the 2021-22 timetable. Those delivering lectures are asked to end lectures after 45 minutes.

What is the rationale in reducing the lecture time to 45 minutes? * New 2 September 2021

This is to allow students and faculty time to circulate safely between lectures. It also provides some additional time for faculty to set up their lectures for lecture capture.

If I have a lecture or lab session with the same group of students that lasts more than one hour, do we all need to leave the lecture theatre / lab after the first 45 minutes and return after 15 minutes? If so, should we all go outside to avoid congestion? Is there a limitation on lecture / lab class duration? * New 2 September 2021

There is no limitation on class duration. For sessions lasting longer than one hour students should be allowed to exit the lecture theatre for a 15 minute break and head outside of the building where they can remove their mask and get some fresh air if desired. This break can be taken at the discretion of the lecturer and can be timed to avoid congestion with other classes.

Students should be encouraged to leave the teaching space but not to congregate in corridors or outside classrooms.

In lab classes where possible students should be allowed to exercise their own discretion to  take a break during the session subject to this being possible from a teaching / safety perspective. 

If the class before me in the lecture theatre does not exit promptly, must I ensure my class waits for 15 minutes before entering? * New 2 September 2021

This is not necessary as the ventilation in classrooms is designed to deal with 100% occupancy on a continuous basis and there are sufficient air exchanges whilst the room is in use to ensure adequate ventilation.

However in order to minimise contacts between students lecturers should encourage students to leave the classroom promptly at the end of class.

I often have students ask me questions after a lecture. To avoid congestion inside and outside the room, should I encourage these students to ask me these questions over zoom? * New 2 September 2021

You should encourage students to submit questions through Brightspace or email and where appropriate place relevant questions and answers up on Brightspace as a FAQ.

Where do students go to study between F2F classes? * New 8 September 2021

Between classes, in addition to existing breakout spaces, specific areas have been identified to allow students to study and engage in group work. When using these designated spaces, individuals will be reminded to be cognisant of their colleagues and abide by the guidelines of using the space.  Students may book a study space online at https://libcal.ucd.ie/r. Please note that the number of available spaces will be updated throughout the year.

Where a shared teaching classroom is not in use within a building, students will be permitted to use the classroom for self-study as long as room guidelines (posted at the door) are adhered to and the room is vacated should the space be required for teaching or other University activities.

I don’t think that the room allocated for my lecture is large enough - can I request a larger room? * New 8 September 2021

Classrooms within the teaching portfolio have been risk-assessed to ensure that they can safely accommodate the maximum listed capacity for the room. No module CRN has been allocated to a classroom where the room capacity is less than the CRN capacity. In cases where the room has been assessed as being unsuitable or where appropriate mitigations have not been possible, teaching has been moved to another room/online.

Requests for larger rooms should be submitted to room.allocations@ucd.ie and will only be accommodated if an alternative teaching space is available. 

I am a high risk / very high risk for Covid 19, is it safe for me to return to campus? * New 2 September 2021

Please click here for further details.

I have a class of over 250 students and feel extremely anxious about in-person teaching without social distancing? What should I do? * New 2 September 2021

Please click here for further details.

Will antigen testing for staff/students be facilitated on campus?

Please click here for further details.

What do I do in the case of a suspected positive Covid 19 case.

Click here for further details.

What do I do in a situation where First Aid is required? * New 2 September 2021

First aid is available at all times via the 24hr Emergency Line - ext 7999 / 01 716 7999

What should I do if a student repeatedly coughs or displays covid-like symptoms during a lecture? * Updated 6 September 2021
A student may have a cough for a non-Covid reason and when dealing with this scenario that must be borne in mind.  Exercise discretion insofar as is possible when dealing with such a scenario and take account of what the student says. If there is any concern you should advise them to leave the room and if they need assistance to call ext, 7999 / 01 716 7999 and report their symptoms.

Is there a way in which I can identify those that have a valid reason, e.g. via student information on InfoHub? * New 2 September 2021

No. Under GDPR we are not allowed to identify students in that way.

I have been advised by my GP to self-isolate and am awaiting testing / a diagnosis, is there anything I need to do? * New 2 September 2021

In addition to following all the advice being issued by the HSE regarding self-isolation for those persons who are symptomatic / awaiting test results, and you are unable to work, you are required to fill out the COVID-19 Covid-19 Special Leave with Pay for Self-Isolation - Self Declaration Form and send to your Line Manager 

Line Manager should confirm dates etc and email to the HRHelpdesk@ucd.ie

I am a HOS and one of my team has advised me that they have tested positive, what do I do? * New 2 September 2021

  • Ensure your team member submits the appropriate medical confirmation retrospectively.
  • Ensure employee completes required Special Leave with Pay Form and record the absence as special leave with pay on the employee’s attendance record and email form to hrhelpdesk@ucd.ie   
  • In the event that the sick leave extends beyond initial medical certification, ensure ongoing medical certification is received.  
  • If sick leave extends beyond 28 days, the absence should then be recorded as ordinary sick leave.  The HRP should also be advised as a referral to Occupational Health is required.
  • If employee has been working on campus, contact the Duty Manager on  ext. 7999 / 01 716 7999  if the staff member concerned has not already done so.
  • Advise persons in the same work pod as the affected person to restrict their movements and work from home until contacted by the HSE.

In most cases, there is no need for you to take any further action. 

There is lots of signage around the campus with regards to the capacity of lecture rooms, what seats in lecture rooms that people can sit at etc. With no social distancing these all seem redundant - will they be removed? * New 2 September 2021

Signage in the across the campus is being updated to reflect the proposed operation of the space for the academic year 21/22.


Does the late submission of coursework penalty still apply?* Updated on 24 August, 2021


Can I still use IA grades?* Updated on 24 August, 2021

IA grades can be used in the contexts as outlined in the current UCD Regulations. See Regulation 4.31 (page28-29).

Am I still expected to give feedback to students within a 20-day time frame as per the regulations?* Updated on 24 August, 2021


If an end-trimester terminal examination is being replaced by another kind of assessment – e.g. a learning journal – is there still a requirement for feedback?* Updated on 24 August, 2021

Yes. There are a range of feedback options in Brightspace that facilitates feedback. UCD Teaching and Learning provides very good resources in relation to giving Technology Enhanced Feedback. They can be accessed here.

When do I run resits? How do I let students know about these?* Updated on 24 August, 2021

Resits involving assignments that have been scheduled for resolution during the teaching term should proceed as normal. 

Teaching and Learning Online

Can I use Zoom for teaching? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Yes, Zoom can be used for teaching and is the virtual classroom approved by the university for 2021/2022 for classes that are scheduled to be delivered online. 

Where are Faculty Virtual Classroom Guidelines located? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

Faculty guidelines are available on the UCD Teaching and Learning website: Guidelines for Faculty on Using the Virtual Classroom.

Where are Student Virtual Classroom Guidelines located? * Updated on 24 August, 2021

All students have been provided with a copy of the guidelines on their Brightspace. Student guidelines are available on the UCD Teaching and Learning website: Guidelines for Students on Using the Virtual Classroom.

As a module coordinator can I choose to deliver my module entirely online? Or are in-person components being mandated by UCD in all cases? * New 2 September 2021

  1. In-person components are mandated by UCD in all teaching contexts.
  2. Faculty cannot move lectures online due to poor attendance at live lectures. It is very important that the students’ timetable is adhered to for all students and especially for those who do come to lectures.  Using lecture capture will facilitate students who do not attend to access the lecture at a later date.

Can lecturers elect to move in-person lectures online if, for example, turnout to live lectures is poor? * New 2 September 2021

No. Faculty cannot move lectures online due to poor attendance at live lectures. It is very important that the students’ timetable is adhered to for all students and especially for those who do come to lectures. Using lecture capture will facilitate students who do not attend to access the lecture at a later date.

I would like to move my module/classes online, how do I go about that? * Updated 15 September 2021

Module delivery cannot be moved online without prior approval by UMT, following recommendation from the College Principal and Head of School.

UCD has committed to in-person teaching in the Academic Year 2021/22 unless advised otherwise by public health guidelines. Faculty and teaching staff are required to deliver their teaching commitments in line with the module descriptor and associated information provided to students including the timetable and teaching mode.  Where this has been planned for on-campus delivery, it should take place on campus in the designated classroom according to the module timetable. 

Individuals who are considered “very high risk” for COVID-19 can find further information here.

Registry and Room Allocations will not accept requests for any change to the scheduling of modules. Only requests approved by UMT will be accommodated.

There is a requirement that online teaching material be provided for all lectures with more than 250 students. What is the rationale for choosing 250? * New 2 September 2021

As the class size increases the potential for students to have temporary absences from class is expected and this allows faculty to provide teaching support to all students through the use of lecture capture and the provision of online material on Brightspace.    

If the module offers tutorials to students in groups less than 250, is there a requirement that online material be provided or should the student attend if he/she is well? * New 2 September 2021

There is no requirement for Lecture Capture or equivalent in module components  where the capacity is less than 250.  However, such support for students is encouraged.  The student should be expected to attend unless they are unwell or have been instructed to self-isolate.  Extenuating circumstances  policy should be used where this occurs.

Can a Module Coordinator divide his/her class into two groups of less that 250 say, and then hold in-person assessments for each group? * New 2 September 2021

Yes but there is no specific need for this as the in module assessment can take place as a single cohort where this can be managed.  It is not yet clear how end of trimester examinations will be managed.  The RDS has been booked but capacity may be limited and priority possibly given to examinations at later stages that contribute significantly to award GPA or are required by professional accreditation bodies.


Will I be able to deliver in-person final examinations in the RDS? * New 2 September 2021

We have reserved the RDS but don’t yet know whether we can run at full capacity.  Faculty are strongly encouraged to use alternative approaches where this is possible.  We would seek  to reserve RDS capacity for the degree awarding exams, or where they are required by professional accrediting bodies as far as possible.

Can I choose to deliver my final examination online during the examination period? * New 2 September 2021


Are there any restrictions on what modules can have final examinations in-person? * New 2 September 2021

Exams will run as planned from Friday 10 December to Wednesday 22 December.  The RDS has been reserved for end of term assessments.  It is likely that capacity constraints may be in place and Module Coordinators should be encouraged to use alternative assessments to the greatest extent possible.

Are there any restrictions on what modules can have final examinations online? * New 2 September 2021

No, however, if professional accrediting bodies require in person examinations, this must be considered at School level when planning assessment approaches for modules. It is important that Schools plan their assessment approaches across the modules offered by the School so that students can experience a diverse range of assessment approaches.

Will all final examinations that appear on module descriptors be scheduled for the examination period by Assessment, irrespective of whether they are in-person or online? * New 2 September 2021

Yes that is the position and will remain so.  However, faculty have been advised to develop assessment approaches that are diverse and facilitate student learning in different ways including continuous assessment throughout the trimester. 

Can end of trimester in-person exams be added to module descriptors before the close later this week? * New 8 September 2021

Faculty are advised to offer students a diversity of assessment opportunities during the course of the trimester and these should be included in the module descriptor. It can be stated whether examinations are planned to be delivered online or in-person. In adopting this approach, faculty are advised to have contingency plans clearly outlined in the module descriptor should it not be possible to deliver the examination as planned due to the potential changing nature of the public health context, or other issues, so that students are aware of this. The following statement could be used to explain this to students:

“An in-person end of trimester examination is currently planned for this module. These arrangements are subject to COVID-19 public health advice and may change during the trimester. You should continue to review the module descriptor for updates.”

Are there any restrictions on scheduling end of trimester in-person exams? * New 8 September 2021

End of trimester in-person examinations can take place locally where it is considered appropriate to do so. However, it is important that UCD Assessment is informed and such examinations timetabled by the Assessment Unit to prevent scheduling clashes  and over burdening students with examinations in a condensed period of time.

It is likely that capacity will be reduced overall for examinations held in the RDS, Blackrock or Newman Examination Centres. We will prioritise Examination Centre capacity for exams contributing to award GPA, or where they are required by professional accrediting bodies as far as possible.

Can end of trimester exams be scheduled in week 12? Are there restrictions/guidance around this? Should classes take place in week 12 if an exam is scheduled? * New 8 September 2021

The teaching term for continuing students and graduate entry programme students finishes on Friday 3 December. Formal end of trimester examinations should be scheduled by UCD Assessment into the examination period.

Where it is appropriate, end of teaching session examinations can be scheduled in week 12, provided that this does not overburden students who will be taking a suite of end of trimester examinations in the scheduled period Friday 10 December to Wednesday 22 December or compromise their revision time in preparation for the scheduled examinations. If classes continue in week 12 module coordinators are advised not to schedule end of teaching session examinations so as to provide maximum opportunities of students to prepare.

Is it possible in week 12, or at any time during the module to have an exam that extends beyond one hour given the 45 minute guidance that has been given? * New 15 September 2021

The 45 minutes rule in relation to lectures is to facilitate the movement of students between classes or a break period in lectures that extend beyond the traditional one-hour period. It is important to take cognisance of public health advice at all times and if planning an examination in weeks 6 or 12 during which students must wear a mask, it is very important  that faculty liaise with UCD Estates, to check the intended location, prior to running any examination, to ensure that the location is one that is properly ventilated and monitored for CO2. Faculty are encouraged to use a diversity of assessment approaches to support students in their learning while participating on the module. 

I have a small class and am confident that I can arrange the in-person final examination locally? Is this permitted? * New 2 September 2021

Yes this is permitted and has been used in a range of subject areas where it is considered appropriate to do so.  However, it is important that UCD Assessment is informed and such examinations timetabled by the Assessment Unit to prevent over burdening students with examinations in a condensed period of time. 

Will the Blackrock Examination Centre be available for in-person tests during the trimester? * New 2 September 2021

No decision has been made so far in relation to the availability of Examination Centres for in person tests during the trimester.  Assessment is currently exploring the available options with reference to the use and availability of  Examination Centres and will inform faculty when the logistics have been worked out.

Online Resources and Environment

Must online resources be provided for tutorials that are delivered in person to small groups of students? If a student is unwilling/unable to attend a tutorial, should online resources be provided? * New 2 September 2021

Students should be supported in every way possible to enhance their teaching and learning experience.  This is contextually based and Schools/Modular Coordinators are best placed to determine their approaches with reference to small group teaching and meeting the needs of students who are unable to attend.  The provision of online resources is recommended but not required for small groups of students.

What upgrades have been made to UCD's Wifi to cope with the bandwidth demands from thousands of students simultaneously streaming lecture videos? * New 2 September 2021

UCD IT Services continually monitor Wi-Fi and issues arising from using Brightspace and  Zoom in the context of online teaching.  Faculty have been advised that different approaches can be used in relation to lecture capture as detailed in the guidance document. Please see here for details. Lecture streaming is not recommended.

Under GDPR we are not allowed to hold student personal data without their express consent. Students have the right to object, for example, to their questions in a live lecture being recorded and to request deletion of same. How can we accommodate such requests? * New 2 September 2021

Lecture capture as it is currently organised focuses on the podium and not on the class.  Guidance on using lecture capture is located here. The procedures around lecture capture should be made clear to students at the start of the lecture.