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Visiting the nursery is an integral part of the process when choosing a centre for your child. It is important as it gives a prospective parent a good insight into the ‘feel’ of the nursery. A nursery booklet will give facts and details but a visit is invaluable as it gives each parent a chance to experience the atmosphere of the centre.

During the tour parents can observe how staff and children interact. It is also an opportunity for parents to absorb the atmosphere of the crèche. Does it feel happy and comfortable? Does it feel relaxed and child led? Are the children engrossed in purposeful activities? None of the latter can be experienced over the phone; therefore, that is why we strongly encourage parents to visit us.

It is also advised that parents perhaps look at an array of different services before a decision is made. No two nurseries are the same. It is important the each family chooses a centre that best suits their individual needs. Perhaps the nursery that best suits your needs will be closer to work rather than home? Or maybe you feel more comfortable in the knowledge that because your child is on campus and that at a moment’s notice you can collect your child from nursery without having to contend with traffic?

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a nursery for your child. So why don’t you give us a call and through our combined professional experience, we can gladly answer any questions you have.

If you would like a tour of Oakmount Crèche, please contact us either by e-mail or by phone. We will gladly organise a tour at a time that best suits your schedule.

Parent View

Long-term parent

"I am absolutely delighted with the care my son receives at Oakmount crèche. Many childcare centres simply aspire to 'best practice', but Oakmount crèche is a centre where 'best practice' is evident in all activities on a daily basis. The centre has a wonderful homely atmosphere, created in particular by the fantastic physical environment, the superb staff and  the aroma of freshly cooked food emanating from the kitchen. The crèche is very well resourced with age appropriate play material and boasts an enviable collection of books.

Regular communications from the manager ensures that parents are always kept abreast of the centre's activities and the open door policy operated by the manager allows parents to drop in at any time. As I leave my son at Oakmount Creche and head to work each day, I am confident that he is in safe hands and is receiving the best possible care a centre can offer."

New Parent – Baby Room

"As a new parent with Oakmount Crèche I am delighted. It is a constant surprise to me that the staff can be so very friendly on a daily basis. Added to this I feel my child could not be in safer hands. He is in the baby room and I see the care there is superb as I sense it is throughout the crèche. More important than any of this is the simple fact that my little boy is delighted to arrive in the morning and is still laughing when I collect him."

Waddler Room Parent

"We realised how truly happy and secure our daughter is at Oakmount when, after our two week holiday, she ran into the crèche smiling without any hesitation. She was so delighted to see her carers and friends that no period of adjustment was necessary. This was another reassurance for us that when we hand our child into her carer's arms each day that she is being looked after in a positive and nurturing environment. Her progress and good humour is a testament to the exceptional care she receives at Oakmount."

Long-term parent

"My girls' age 3 and age 6 (now at school) have had a "home from home" at Oakmount Crèche, the environment is fun and friendly. The staff are second to none, certainly part of our family from my children’s perspective! Some days I'd like to stay there myself and take part in the projects, making space rockets and Pirate ships!"

Parent Montessori (3 children through creche)

"Seeing my daughter’s development book is so wonderful. The fact that the crèche keeps a record in both writing and pictures of her as she grows and moves through the different stages gives me a chance to share in her experiences with her friends and the staff at the crèche.

It is comforting to see the amount of art that she brings home and to hear the songs that she has learned, she is clearly having a great time in the crèche. Proven by the fact that she runs in in the morning and looks to go on the days she is not there. The staff are all wonderful. They clearly have great affection for her and in turn she love being with them.

The fact that the crèche has a big back garden and also direct access to the playing fields, along with their policy of getting out and playing when ever there is a chance helps give the kids a love for nature and the great out doors."

Parent Baby Room – 1 year old

"My experience of the UCD crèche has been an extremely positive one. I have found all of the staff very enthusiastic and approachable. There is always a friendly and inviting atmosphere when I drop off my child. The facilities are excellent, with both outdoor and indoor areas for the children to play in. There are also several extra-curricular activities available for the children to take part in such as gym, which is fantastic. I would highly recommend the UCD crèche to any future parents."

Contact Details

    * Centre Manager: Jennifer Kinsella
    * Tel: 01 2695143
    * Email:

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