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16 February

 Professor John Horgan (Press Ombudsman):                                                                ‘Crime, Media and Rehabilitation: Issues and Consequences’


14 April
Mr. James Hamilton, Director of Public Prosecutions
‘Prosecuting Sex Offences’

7 April
Mr. David Levy, Head of Advocacy, Fraud Prosecution Service (UK)
‘Credit Card Fraud’

29 March
Mr.Liam Herrick, Executive Director, Irish Penal Reform Trust
 ‘Penal Expansion and Sentencing Trends’

22 March
Dr. Carol Coulter
Legal Affairs Editor, Irish Times
‘The Media’ Offenders and Human Rights


10 November
Dr Ben Crewe
University of Cambridge, Institute of Criminology
'Revisiting the pains of imprisonment'

28 October
Dr Leonidas Cheliotos
Queen Mary, University of London
'The Psychopolitics of Crime Control under Neoliberal Capitalism: A Frommian View'

6 October
Professor Jonathan Simon
UC Berkeley School of Law
'Gimme Shelter: The “Fear Years” of the 1970s, and the Rise of Incapacitation as a the Central Purpose of Imprisonment in California'

13 April
Dr Patrick Walsh, UCD Institute of Criminology
Title to be announced

2 March
Dr Graham Ellison, Queen's University Belfast
''Security Governance in Transition: The compartmentalising, crowding out and corralling of policing and security in Northern Ireland'

16 February
Dr Jonathan Ilan, Kent University
'Cycled Off: the cultural dynamics of youth crime and its control'


7 October
Dr Layla Skinns, University of Cambridge
'Plural policing and the police custody process in England and Wales'

14 October
Professor Yvonne Jewkes, University of Leicester
'The press, prisoners and penal populism'

28 October
Dr Deirdre Healy, UCD Institute of Criminology
'The Dynamics of Desistance: Charting Pathways through Change'

18 November
Professor Mick Ryan, University of Greenwich
'Penal policy in context'

17 February
Dr Nic Groombridge, St.Mary's University College
‘Public criminologists or media tarts?’

03 March
Professor Kevin Stenson, University of Kent
‘Crime conflict, sovereignty and the struggle for governance from below’

04 March
Ms Karyn Kenny, World Bank
‘Lessons from Ireland's court poor box system: Rethinking America's alternatives to incarceration reform’

26 March
Professor Pieter Spierenburg, Erasmus University Rotterdam
‘The criminalisation of homicide: Murder in long-term perspective’

07 April
Professor Mike Nellis, University of Strathclyde
‘Understanding and explaining the electronic monitoring of offenders’


1 October
Professor Shadd Maruna,Queen's University Belfast
''Thinking of prisoner reintegration as a rite of passage'

15 October
Professor Alison Liebling, University of Cambridge
 ‘Values, moral performance and prison research’         

12 November
Dr Kimmett Edgar, Prison Reform Trust (UK)
‘Responding to discrimination in prison’

18 November
Professor Ivo Aertsen, Catholic University Leuven,
‘Sustaining restorative justice policies’


8 March
Professor Gorazd Mesko, University of Maribor
‘The extent of crime in Slovenia’

18 April
Professor Andrew Sanders, University of Manchester
‘Rule of law ignored: Prosecution policy and practice in diverse law enforcement situations’

15 May
Professor Russell Smandych, University of Manitoba
‘Contemporary developments in youth justice’

11 October
Professor James Byrne, University of Massachusetts Lowell
‘Culture of prison violence’


8 March 2006
Professor Phil Scraton, Queen’s University Belfast
'The Criminalisation of Children and Young People'

5 April 2006
Dr Julian Roberts, University of Oxford
'Exploring Home Confinement: The Evolution of Imprisonment'

 23 February 2005
Dr Harry Kennedy, Central Mental Hospital
‘Mental illness in Irish prisoners’

9 March 2005
Professor Eric Dunning, Leicester University
‘Long-term trends in violence: War, genocide, crime, punishment and sport. Some conceptual suggestions and empirical findings’

5 October 2005
Professor Joseph Kennedy, University of North Carolina 
The Cultural Roots of American Over-Incarceration in the 1980's and 1990's


14 January 2004
Dr Ian Loader, Keele University
Liberalism, Criminology and the Politics of Crime in England and Wales

25 February 2004
Professor Tim Newburn, London School of Economics
Lesson-Drawing in Criminal Justice: The UK’s Special Relationship with the USA

20 October 2004
Professor Eric Baumer, University of Missouri-St Louis
Social Context and Prisoner Recidivism: A Search for Highly Re-integrative Nations

6 April 2004
António Vitorino, EU Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs
Priorities in European Criminal Justice

15 October 2003
Dr Eugene McLaughlin, Open University
Reform and Reaction: New Directions in Police Complaints

26 November 2003
Professor Kieran McEvoy, Queen's University Belfast
Beyond Managerialism: Evaluation as Conflict Transformation in a Transnational Justice Setting



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