The Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology (CSCB) is a collaboration in the chemical sciences between UCD, TCD and the RCSI. The CSCB aims to make a significant contribution to teaching and learning at all levels of the three collaborating universities.

The Science@CSCB outreach programme was launched in January 2006 and to date over 3000 second-level students have taken part in outreach activities including half-day workshops, career talks and tours of the state-of-the-art laboratories at the CSCB building on the UCD campus.

Highlights in 2011...


UCD Science Summer School
Students from 11 counties and 47 schools nationwide took part in a one day UCD Science Summer School on June 8th, designed to allow students experience a typical day in the life of an undergraduate student. Dr Andrew Phillips from the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology designed a chemistry practical with a green theme - generating energy from fruit.


Photo: UCD Science Summer School participants

From Left: Alison Knight and Julie Keenan grinding blue berries and raspberries so the mixture could be coated on the surface of the solar cell.


Transition Year Student, Cian McCarthy, from Ashton School, Blackrock Rd, Cork spent the 4-8 April 2011 in the Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology and the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology working for Professor Pat Guiry.
Link to UCD Science Transition Year News item

Photo: TY student Cian McCarthy

Cian McCarthy


Highlights in 2007...

Four CSCB prinicpal investigators hosted SFI STARs in their labs during the summer of 2007. The SFI STARs programme (Secondary Teachers Assistant Researchers) aims to help teachers renew their interest in science as researchers and bring their new knowledge back to the classroom. A workshop was held on July 25 at the CSCB for 10 STARs teachers. The tables were turned as they became pupils, learning how to use modern instrumentation like HPLC and NMR spectoscopy.

Photo of Miriam Aylward with SFI STAR Peter Scully at the CSCB
Miriam Aylward and SFI STAR Peter Scully at the CSCB

CSCB principal investigator Professor David Grayson together with Dr Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison, University of Bristol, held a joint summer school in July 2007. Eleven students from a number of secondary schools in the Dublin area joined up with sixteen students from schools near Bristol, UK to immerse themselves in chemistry.

Photo of secondary school students at TCD Summer school with Ms Linda Sellou, University of Bristol
Students at TCD Summer School
pictured with Ms Linda Sellou, University of Bristol (centre)

John Grealis, UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and Sonya Cosgrave, UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science, won the CSCB heat of AccesScience '07. The event is designed to give postgraduate researchers an opportunity to discuss their work without scientific jargon. John went on to win the AccesScience Junior event, where over 450 secondary school students voted him a clear winner.

Photo of John Grealis speaking at AccesScience 06
Winner of AccesScience Junior 2007 John Grealis from the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology


In 2007, a series of half-day workshops, demonstrations during ScienceWeek and a transition year work experience week saw secondary school students experiencing the wonder of chemistry.



Photo of students watching chemistry illusions at ScienceWorks at UCD Conway Institute

Secondary school students from Loreto College
getting to grips with liquid nitrogen