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CSCB in the Media

Newspapers and Magazines


Date Publication Title
Oct 7 Eur500k investment in life sciences firm will be catalyst for global growth
Oct 7 Irish Times Polypill pilot finally takes off
Oct 6 Irish Times Plastic Alchemy Making Your Idea A Reality

Sept 19

Plastic-munching bugs turn waste bottles into cash
Sept 1 Irish Times Polymer alchemy
Apr14 Irish Medical Times UCD makes progress on cancer research
Apr 3 Irish Times Anti-tumour compound is a plastic panacea
Mar 24 Chemistry & Industry From catalyst to cancer drug
Mar 13 Irish Times When chemistry finds gold in the green
Feb 17 Sunday Times

Dublin university claims a breakthrough on breast cancer

Feb 12 il Domani La chimica è sostenible al 'Ciamician'
Feb 11 In Pharma Technologist

HLDAH enzyme helps cut waste in 'profen' synthesis



Nov 12 Chemical & Engineering News Lipoxin Analogs With Improved Performance
May 16 Engineers Journal

Researchers develop economic system for expanding stem cells to form cartilage tissue

Apr 27 Irish Times Tweaking body's stop-signals could control swelling

Apr 19


Irish Times Cultivated cartilage could help arthritic knees
Mar 28 Irish Times My TY
Mar 9 Irish Medical Times CLA can help to prevent diabetes
Jan 11 Irish Times UCD team helps drug lose its bad side effects
Dec 6 Irish Times My TY - Natalie Delaney from Caritas College on her week at the CSCB
Nov 24 Irish Medical Times

Estrogen receptor may hold key to new treatments for breast cancer

Oct 7 New Scientist The lure of the Celtic Tiger

Sept 7 Irish Times Enzymes' white bright future

Aug 18 Irish Medical Times

NO at forefront of medical research
July 19

Technology Ireland

Sustainable chemistry is a rising tide
July 7 Irish Medical Times

High affinity alpha blockers are needed
June 8 The Irish Times

Waging war on cancer cells
May 12

Irish Medical Times

Role of free radicals in thrombosis

Mar 27

Discovery News

Bacteria make styrofoam earth-friendly

Mar 21

Irish Independent Special Supplement

Doing our homework

Mar 17 Flashes of Brilliance by Dick Ahlstrom A spoonful of sugar

Mar 9

Sunday Times Irish Appointments

Science courses offer limitless scope

Mar 2

Irish Times

Eating away at polystyrene


MSN LiveScience

Immortal plastic meets its match

Feb 28

Irish Independent

Bugs eat up all that annoying bubbly stuff…

Feb 28

New York Times

Better end of life for polystyrene

Feb 27

Scientific American

Bacteria turn styrofoam into biodegradable plastic

Feb 23

Irish Independent Special Supplement

Research brings industry to UCD’s campus

Feb 03

Irish Independent

Taoiseach opens €26m medical research centre

Feb 03

Irish Times

Ahern says third-level institutions should co-operate on key projects

Feb 01

Irish Examiner

Taoiseach opens research facility


Dec 22

Irish Times

A spoonful of sugar

TV Appearances 2006 and 2007


Date Station Details

Mar 9

RTE 6-1 News

Dr Kevin O’Connor’s research on biodegradable plastics was featured.


Radio Interviews 2006 and 2007


Date Station Details
Mar 6 2007 RTE Radio 1: Today with Pat Kenny John Grealis, PhD student in the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology was interviewed about his research into making an anti-cancer drug.

Mar 7

RTE Radio 1: Today with Pat Kenny

Miriam Goff, PhD student in the UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science, spoke about her research and her presentation at AccesScience ’06.

Feb 17

Newstalk 106

Professor Pat Guiry was interviewed about the appearance of benzene in soft drinks.

Feb 14

RTE Radio: Ryan Tubridy Show

Professor Pat Guiry was interviewed on the Ryan Tubridy show about the science of smell.