December 14, 2012
CSCB Symposium 'Recent Advances in Synthesis and Chemical Biology XI'

Entitled ‘Recent Advances in Synthesis and Chemical Biology’, this is an annual event which is organised in a partnership between UCD, TCD and RCSI Schools of Chemistry under the Centre for Synthesis & Chemical Biology umbrella.  This year boasted another very successful symposium, hosted by RCSI with high-profile speakers from around the globe, the eleventh since it’s inauguration in 2001.

Photo: CSCB Symposium speakers and organisers


Photo: L-R Professors Kevin B. Nolan, Nick Farrell, Jonathan Clayden,
Wilfred van der Donk, Jeffrey Bode, Ben Davis and Patrick Guiry

Professor Kevin Nolan, Head of Department of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry in RCSI introduced the speakers opening the symposium with a welcome address from RSCI President, Professor Patrick J Broe.

Following each speaker, the floor was opened up to a question and answer session chaired by senior academic staff from each of the partnership institutions; RCSI, UCD and TCD.  Professor Nick Farrell from Virginia Commonwealth University initiated the talks with his address on ‘How Does Platinum Enter Cells? A Role for Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan Mediation’.  He was followed by Professor Ben Davis, University of Oxford who spoke about ‘Sugars and Proteins’. After refreshments, speakers resumed with Professor Jeffrey Bode of ETH Zurich who explored the topic of ‘Chemical Protein Synthesis with KAHA Ligation’.

After lunch, Professor Jonathan Clayden, University of Manchester, spoke about ‘Conformational Communication’.

Then the Poster Competition got underway.  A total of 56 posters from postgraduate students from all three institutions were judged by a panel of three judges; Professor Eoin Scanlan (TCD), Dr. Andrew Phillips (UCD) and Dr James Barlow (RCSI). 

Posters representing the individual postgraduate students’ research were displayed around the Symposium theatre. Prizes were awarded to UCD students: Alessandra Cordeiro Machado, poster entitled ‘Synthesis of Disaccharide Corresponding to the Lps Inner Core Structure of Neisseria Meningitidis’, Kimberly Geoghegan, poster entitled ‘Novel Double Reduction of Cyclic Sulfonamides: Total Synthesis of Sceletium Alkaloids’ and Claire Wilson, poster entitled ‘Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Heteroaromatic Lipoxin A4 Analogues’.

The symposium was wrapped up with the final speaker, Professor Wilfred van der Donk from the University of Illinois who talked about ‘Posttranslational modifications in natural product biosynthesis’,

Sponsors for the event included Eli Lilly, Waters, L’Institut de Recherches Servier, and GlaxoSmithKline, CEM Microwave Technology Ltd, Roche Ireland, Tokyo Chemical Industry, Bristol Myers Squibb, RSC and Hovione.

To download the Abstracts Booklet, please click on the link below:

'Recent Advances in Synthesis and Chemical Biology XI' 2012 Abstracts Booklet


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