Research Themes

Three interrelated research themes are being developed, each of which is designed to constitute a skills pool of investigators across a range of disciplines and institutions. Image of HIV Protease

Theme 1 - Bioactive Molecule Synthesis will involve the synthesis of molecules for biological and clinical evaluation and for the study of biological processes.

Theme 2 - Synthetic, Biosynthetic Methodology, Process Development will involve developing the chemical and biochemical synthetic methodologies to enable the preparation on both small and large scale of target compounds in Theme 1 and their bio-availability.

Theme 3 - Analytical, Structural & Computational will suggest new drug leads for synthesis, give a greater understanding of fundamental biochemical processes and an analytical capability to underpin the research programme.

The research units listed below focus the research activity of the CSCB on the following areas:

Research Unit 1 - Therapeutics for Nervous System Related Disorders;

Research Unit 2 - Therapeutics for Cancer;

Research Unit 3 - Therapeutics for Vascular Disease;

Research Unit 4 - Therapeutics for Inflammation, Infection and Immunity;

Research Unit 5 - Chemical Tools for Biology and Medicine;

Research Unit 6 - Enabling Technologies.