Dr Catherine Blake

Associate Director

Dr Catherine Blake

Catherine Blake is Associate Professor, Dean and Head of the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science. She graduated with a B.Physio degree from UCD and then worked clinically in the UK, Australia and Ireland, completing an MSc focussed on chronic pain management (UCD). Since moving to the staff at UCD she has completed a PhD and more recently an MA in Statistics. She has a strong interest in health outcomes measurement with further graduate education at the University of Leeds, University of Western Australia and the University of Cambridge in modern Psychometric theory (IRT) and Computerised Adaptive Testing.

Her research interests are broadly in the field of health analytics, centered on using a variety of research designs and data sources for health assessment and for evaluation of clinical and cost effective health care outcomes. Currently her research in the pain field is focused on multivariate models for patient classification for targeted treatment and prediction. She has a background in epidemiological research and has been the co-director of the National GAA Injury surveillance database since 2007.

Her other research strands include exercise-based interventions for wellness, injury prevention and rehabilitation in a range of populations and the use of technology for health assessment in daily life, where she is linked with UCD Applied Research Centre for Connected Health (ARCH). At UCD, she teaches in the areas of pain science, research methods and statistics to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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