Laurent Pech 11-05 The Institutional Development of the EU post-Lisbon: A case of plus ça change…?
Johan A. Elkink, Stephen Quinlan and Richard Sinnott 11-04 Voting behaviour in the 2009 Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty
Daniel C. Thomas 11-03 Still Punching below its Weight? Coherence and Effectiveness in EU Foreign Policy 
Daniel C. Thomas and Ben Tonra 11-02 To What Ends EU Foreign Policy? Contending Approaches to the Union’s Diplomatic Objectives and Representation
Roland Erne 11-01 European Unions after the Crisis


Thomas Sattler 10-04 Does Globalization Lead to Policy Convergence? An Analysis of the Nexus between Politics and Financial Markets
Sebastián Dellepiane Avellaneda and Niamh Hardiman 10-03 The European Context of Ireland’s Economic Crisis 
Sebastián Dellepiane Avellaneda and Niamh Hardiman 10-02 Fiscal Politics in Time: Pathways to Budget Consolidation, 1980-2000
Christian B. Jensen and Jonathan B. Slapin 10-01 Institutional Hokey-Pokey: The Politics of Multispeed Integration in the European Union


Andreas Dür & Gemma Mateo 09-11 Lobbying by Irish Associations on EU Legislation: Findings from a Survey
Arne Niemann & Jeannette Mak 09-10 (How) Do Norms Guide Presidency Behaviour in EU negotiations?
Lucia Quaglia 09-09 How Does Expertise Influence Negotiations in the EU?
Andreas Dür & Gemma Mateo 09-08 The Choice of Bargaining Strategies in the European Union: Power, Preferences, and Culture
Heather Elko McKibben 09-07 Issue Characteristics, Issue Linkage, and States’ Choice of Bargaining Strategies in the European Union
Andreas Warntjen 09-06 Models of Decision-Making in the Council of the European Union
Jeffrey Lewis 09-05 The Impact of Institutional Environments on Negotiation Styles in EU Decision Making
Thomas Risse & Mareike Kleine 09-04 Deliberation in Negotiations
Stefanie Bailer 09-03 What factors determine bargaining power in EU negotiations?
Jonas Tallberg 09-02 The Institutional Foundations of European Union Negotiations
John Odell 09-01 Three Islands of Knowledge about Negotiation in International Organizations


Frank Schimmelfennig and Daniel C. Thomas 08-12 Normative Institutionalism and EU Foreign Policy in Comparative Perspective
John Vogler 08-11 Climate Change and EU Foreign Policy: The Negotiation of Burden-Sharing
Ole Elgström 08-10 Trade… and Aid? EU Policy on Economic Partnership Agreements
Jeffrey Lewis 08-09 EU Policy on Iraq: The Collapse and Reconstruction of Consensus-Based Foreign Policy
Frank Schimmelfennig 08-08 Entrapped Again: The Way to EU Membership Negotiations with Turkey
Simon Duke 08-07 Consensus Building in ESDP: Lessons of Operation Artemis
Daniel C. Thomas 08-06 Normative Entrapment and Mutual Compromise in EU Foreign Policy: Rejecting the US Challenge to the International Criminal Court
Richard Youngs 08-05 ‘A Door Neither Closed Nor Open’: Europe's Inconsistent Support for Democratic Reform in Ukraine
Daniel C. Thomas 08-04 The Negotiation of EU Foreign Policy: Normative Institutionalism and Alternative Approaches
Diana Panke 08-03 The Influence of Small States in the EU: Structural Disadvantages and Counterstrategies
Andreas Dür and Gemma Mateo 08-02 Bargaining Power and Negotiation Tactics: Negotiations on the EU’s Financial Perspective, 2007-2013
Gavin Barrett 08-01 Final Impact: The Treaty of Lisbon and the Final Provisions of the Treaty Establishing the European Community and the Treaty on European Union