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The UCD AI Healthcare Hub is an interdisciplinary accelerator for projects across academia and industry. It is powered by the SAS Institute, a global leader in analytics. AI Healthcare Hub was launched in September 2020 and has since attracted significant academic interest to help solve difficult real-world problems including the development of a predictive model for the severity of COVID-19 and potential requirement for ICU patient care.  The Hub currently operates using cloud-based technology (Microsoft Azure) thereby enabling any academic across Ireland to engage with the hub. 



The mission of AI Healthcare Hub is to democratise AI, that is to make AI accessible to non-coding researchers to accelerate projects and deliver translational, meaningful outcomes across UCD, Ireland and globally in both, academic and industry settings. 



The main goal of AI Healthcare Hub is to help solve difficult and impactful real-world problems. Other goals are to make AI readily available to all, and to help researchers make data-driven decisions.