Migration - in our DNA?


In this UCD Discovery fireside, Dr Magda Resano of Barcelona University gives a brief history of human migration from a genetic perspective and asks: Are we a migrant species? Her hour-long presentation starts at 11am in H0.22 on the ground floor of the O'Brien Centre for Science. Lunch will follow.  

Dr Resano’s fascinating talk will cover:

- The origins of Irish population structure and history

- Celts, Vikings, Normans and other ancestral populations

- The genetic composition of modern Ireland

- The future population structure in Ireland and the world

- Are humans the most migrant animal? Why? 

Dr Resano has a PhD in Biodiversity - Human Population Genetics, MAs in Sports Management (J. Cruyff Barcelona Institute) and Sports Psychology, and a Postgraduate Diploma of Advanced Studies in Biological Anthropology from the University of Barcelona. She has a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr Resano is an active sailing coach and sports director for national teams, and was a sailor at international level for two decades before becoming a coach. Her lecture explores migration and addresses the idea that it might be in our DNA to migrate.

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