Predicting/Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury


Moore Auditorium, O’Brien Centre for Science

Traumatic brain injury [TBI] is the leading cause of death and disability in young adults. In this lunchtime lecture, Dr Mazdak Ghajari of Imperial College London presents his pioneering research into predicting and preventing it. TBI is caused by head exposure to impact and blast loading in road traffic collisions, falls, sporting collisions and military incidents. Dr Ghajari calls TBI “a mechanical insult” and says understanding and managing it “requires interdisciplinary research across medicine and engineering”. He will present supercomputer simulations of an American football impact, a fall and a motorcycle accident to show what happens to the brain following injury. Dr Ghajari will show computational and experimental data from a rat model of TBI, "which allowed us to more accurately link mechanical forces with brain tissue damage seen in MRI and post-mortem analysis". He will also present his recent work developing more sophisticated and protective helmets for cyclists, motorcyclists and for use in sports.