July 6th deadline for Seed Funding Scheme 2020

At UCD Discovery we cultivate community and support early-stage interdisciplinary researchers. This sometimes involves advising on available grant programmes or helping to “match” candidates with the most appropriate funding avenues. 


What grants are currently available (June 2020)?

The 2020 Seed Funding Scheme for Career Development Awards (CDA) is now open - and the full proposal deadline has been extended to Monday July 6th 2020, 23:59pm. The Seed Funding Scheme provides practical ‘seed’ support for projects and ideas that are challenging and ambitious, as well as those that lead to new knowledge and capabilities. Priority may be given to submissions that have a clear plan regarding future proposal development, particularly those with a likelihood of receiving future external funding.


What other grants are there?

Though the Seed Funding Scheme - CDA is the only programme open in this round, other funding programmes include ERC (Starter, Consolidator, Advanced), SFI (SIRG, Frontiers for the Future), Individual Fellowships from Wellcome Trust, Marie Curie, HRB, Irish Cancer Society Research and Fulbright (this list is not exhaustive).


How do I apply for the Seed Funding Scheme - CDA?

Applications are made via the RMS Grants Online Application which is accessed using your UCD Connect username and password. You will then be asked to fill out a five-step application form.Take care to adhere to the written guidelines throughout the process as marks are awarded for each step.


What is the monetary value of the Scheme?

The maximum value of award under this programme is €15,000 so the total amount requested in your application should not exceed this sum. 


What makes for an excellent application?

Applications must be relevant to the scope of the award and clearly demonstrate your outstanding research track record. Outline how this funding will help you to submit a proposal for prestigious research funding - and explain why that research funding being targeted is so prestigious. The breakdown of individual costs required to run the project must represent value for money and unrealistic costs may have a negative impact at the evaluation stage. Applications where co-funding is in place are welcomed. 


What writing style should I use?

Reviewers assessing applications are selected from across a broad range of disciplines and may not be familiar with the exact research area in question. It is important, therefore, to use layman’s terms when writing the summary section and all information around the research objectives, methodology, timelines, milestones and expected outputs. Try to be as clear and concise as possible, explaining any abbreviations or acronyms. Your information should help to contextualise the project for the multi-disciplinary panel. 


How long does it take to fill out the application?

The details that you enter can be saved at the end of each step, which allows you to complete your application in several sittings. Throughout the application, mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk * and these fields must be completed before the application can be submitted. Once your application has been submitted, you will no longer be in a position to make changes. 


Where do I find out more?

Further details of the programme are available on the Seed Funding site. If you are an early-stage researcher, UCD Discovery is available to support you too. Email discovery@ucd.ie.


Good luck!


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