Citadel Dublin Datathon 2018 finds top talent


The Dublin Datathon sponsored by Citadel and Citadel Securities and hosted by UCD is a unique opportunity for students to compete for prize money and a chance to interview at Citadel, a leading investor in the world’s financial markets. 



The O’Brien Centre for Science buzzed with anticipation as Dublin Datathon 2018 kicked off on Saturday, November 10 at 8am sharp. 

The Datathon brings together the best minds in mathematics, engineering, science and technology to collaborate and compete using the world’s most important data sets. 

With $25,000 in cash prizes up for grabs on the day, the winning UCD team gained automatic entry into the final Data Open competition held at the NYSE at New York City with its winning prize of $100,000 and rival teams from other top tier universities, including Cambridge, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley and Harvard.

In UCD more than 80 participants from a pool of hundreds of applicants consisting of undergraduate, graduate, PhD and postdoctoral research students in STEM subjects battled it out in the Moore Auditorium, their heads bent over their glowing laptops. 

Taking a keen interest in their work, and, in particular, their creative thinking, was Prof. Scott Rickard, Chief Data Scientist with Citadel. Prof. Rickard was instrumental in organising the event

“The Datathon is important because it allows us to identify top talent in the field - people that can take any kind of data set and tell us something new about the data that we haven’t realised ourselves - something creative” he said.  “That emphasis on creativity is really important for us at Citadel because it is through creativity that Citadel has stayed at the forefront in financial services.” 

Rickard has a long association with UCD. For many years he was a professor in the School of Electronic, Electrical and Communications Engineering where he was the founding director of UCD's Complex & Adaptive Systems Laboratory (CASL). He is now adjunct professor at UCD Institute for Discovery, who facilitated the Datathon.

This article was brought to you by the UCD Institute for Discovery - fuelling interdisciplinary research collaborations in UCD.