This inaugural UCD Study Abroad Program takes place in summer 2021 over a four-week period in May/June, and addresses the three core themes of Design, Data Science and Discovery.

The program - which involves a combination of lectures, tutorials, lab work and guided thematic tours - is hosted by University College Dublin, Ireland’s premier University and leading Study Abroad Destination. It is worth 10 ECTS credits and contains enough statistics and programming to be considered a quantitative elective for non-quantitative majors.


Quick Facts


May 24 - June 18

2021 Dates

4 weeks




March 17, 2021*

Application Deadline



 * Places are limited. Early application is recommended. 

The UCD Design, Data Science and Discovery course consists of a four-week academic programme with a mixture of lecture, team-based project work, and self study, as well a many thematic guided tours related to the themes of the course. 
An essential element of the UCD Design, Data Science and Discovery is for students to experience Irish society and culture. As part of this Programme, a series of excursions are planned to enable you to explore and immerse yourself in Irish culture. Attendance of some of the trips is mandatory, as the trips form part of the course. Other trips and organized social activities are optional, but strongly encouraged. This will provide you with firsthand experience of the historic and cultural sites that surround you.