Dr Joanna Goodey

Freedoms and Justice Department, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Dr Joanna Goodey is head of the Freedoms and Justice Department in the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Her research interests span criminology, fundamental rights and human geography.  From the mid-1990s she held lectureships in criminology and criminal justice, first in the law faculty at the University of Sheffield and subsequently at the University of Leeds. She was a research fellow for two years at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and has been a consultant to the UN International Narcotics Control Board. She was a regular study fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg. Dr Goodey is the author of the academic textbook Victims and Victimology: Research, Policy and Practice (2005) and co-editor of the book Integrating a Victim Perspective within Criminal Justice: International Perspectives (2000). Her keynote Discovery public lecture was on AI and Fundamental Rights: Not Only a Question of Ethics. In it she quoted Ase Zetterberg, chief digital officer of the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation: “If data is the new oil then data ethics is the new green”.