Prof Piero Baglioni

University of Florence & Italian Centre for Colloid and Nanoscience (CSGI)

Piero Baglioni is a professor of physical chemistry at the University of Florence and Director of the Italian Centre for Colloid and Nanoscience (CSGI). For four decades he has pioneered modern techniques in art conservation and restoration which are detailed in the book he co-edited, Nanoscience for the Conservation of Works of Art. His scientific interests focus on the Physical Chemistry of soft matter systems, both from a fundamental and an applicative point of view. In particular his research interests concern amphiphilic and lipid self-assembly, water confinement in inorganic and organic matrices, and the design of inorganic and hybrid nanostructured materials for cultural heritage conservation, coatings and building materials. Manipulation of materials at the nanoscale affords greater accuracy and minimal disturbance to the original work, while efficiently combating the effects of time and environment. Prof Baglioni gave a Discovery talk in November 2019 to coincide with the Machines of Leonardo exhibition celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Italian maestro’s death. His talk was entitled New Methods and Materials for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: From Renaissance Frescoes to Modern and Contemporary Art.