An Intellectual History of the Welfare State


*Event Postponed - new date TBC*

UCD Discovery is delighted to invite you to join thought leader Bryan Fanning on UCD Discovery's Zoom for Thought 15-min chat series;

where he will discuss:

"An Intellectual History of the Welfare State"


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The event kicks off at 12 pm sharp and finishes at 12.15 pm.



Bryan is UCD's Professor of Migration and Social Policy. He studies migration and social policy against the background noise, amplified on the internet, of xenophobic anxiety and political nativism, promoted by some politicians who claim that walls and not bridges will bring us security, stability and prosperity. What he has learned from his own research and from that of others is that migrants tend to be courageous, hardworking, enterprising, loyal to their families and those who dependent on them, willing to belong and even if they appear to go their own way - in terms of the clothes they wear, the food they eat and in how they worship ' they tend of integrate, even when efforts are made to deliberately block or exclude them.

Bryan's research interests also include the modernisation of Irish society, with a focus on the history of ideas and debates that have shaped its development. He has written several books on both topics. Examples include Histories of the Irish Future (2014), an intellectual history of the predicaments facing Ireland as understood by key writers since 1650 and the forthcoming (2018) Migration and the Making of Ireland, a history of immigration since 1600 which also addresses migration from Ireland.  

Bryan's new book Three Roads to the Welfare State: Liberalism, Social Democracy and Christian Democracy is out now and available at 20% discount when you order from Policy Press