Open Innovation approaches for smart and sustainable local communities



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UCD Discovery is delighted to invite you to join thought leader Francesco Pilla, Associate Professor in the UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy, on UCD Discovery's 
Zoom for Thought 15-min chat series;

where he will discuss:

"Open Innovation approaches for smart and sustainable local communities"


Join the UCD Discovery Zoom for Thought chat via zoom:

Meeting ID: 619 6830 8158


The event kicks off at 2 pm sharp and finishes at 2.15 pm.


Francesco's work lies at the intersection between cities and technologies. His goal is to build better cities through technology, innovation and citizen participation. He focuses on empowering local communities with cutting-edge technology and enabling them to act on pressing environmental issues in their local environment.  

His area of expertise is smart cities and in specific geospatial analysis and modelling of urban dynamics, which involves the development of GIS based models and decision support tools, in order to pre-empt the impacts resulting from the interactions between human population and the environment. He uses a range of pervasive and community sensing applications as a means of calibration and validation of these GIS tools. He then integrates the GIS models and data streams from pervasive sensing deployments with advanced machine learning algorithms to gain a better understanding of the spatial dynamics in cities. He is currently exploring the use of these GIS based tools as a way to integrate co-design in urban planning and pervasive sensing (static and mobile as part of citizen science initiatives). This is achieved as part of Living Lab activities which focus on improving city life from environmental and resilience to extreme weather events perspectives.


Francesco is involved in the H2020 projects: iSCAPE (Coordinator and Principal Investigator) focusing on smart control of air pollution, OPERANDUM (Principal Investigator for UCD) focusing on reducing flood risk with nature-based solutions, both of which are piloted in Dublin. As part of the H2020 WeCount project (Principal Investigator for UCD) Francesco empowers local communities by providing them with the tools and skills to achieve a more sustainable and healthier local environment. He received an IBM Faculty Award (2017) and a Fulbright/EPA TechImpact Award (2015).