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Réalta Master in Engineering Scholarships

An infographic explaining the Realtas Scholarship process

The Réalta Master in Engineering Scholarship provides funding for the fifth year of a Master of Engineering degree programme. The purpose of this award is to encourage UCD Engineering undergraduate students, who might be uncertain about their ability to fund the fifth, fee-paying year, to progress into and complete the ME programme.

Students who are completing Stage 3 of their studies, in Academic Year 2022/2023, are eligible to apply for one of the 20 one-year scholarships available. The value of the Réalta ME Scholarship is €9,500 per individual one-year bursary and will be payable once the student enters the fifth, fee-paying year of their ME programme.


Applications for the Réalta Engineering Scholarship are now open.

The application deadline is Sunday, 28th of May 2023.

The Réalta ME Scholarship Application Form is available HERE.

You can download a Guidance Document from here:

Guidance Document Réalta ME Scholarship Application Form 2022/2023

Guidance on Personal Statements for the Réalta Master in Engineering Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

The Réalta Master in Engineering Scholarship provides funding for the fifth year of a Master of Engineering degree programme and is intended for students who may otherwise be unable to undertake the ME.

The Scholarship is €9,500 per individual one-year bursary.

Twenty individual one-year scholarships of €9,500 will be available.

Whilst any Stage 3 Engineering Student can apply, the Scholarship is particularly aimed at those who have shown the ability to maintain strong academic grades in spite of challenging personal or financial circumstances and hope to complete a Master of Engineering programme.  

You can apply for the Réalta ME Scholarship by accessing the application form through the following link: Click Here

Please note your application must be submitted on or before Sunday, 28th of May 2023 to be considered.

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Successful applicants will be informed in early August 2023.

Your application will be assessed by the Réalta ME Scholarship Assessment Panel. The panel will consider both your personal circumstances (including financial) and your academic performance as reflected in your responses to the questions asked. The panel will pay particular attention to your Personal Statement.

The Scholarship is payable upon entering the fifth fee-paying year of your chosen ME programme, and will be paid in monthly installments over the academic year.

Sue Philpott, Director, UCD Engineering & Architecture College Office -  sue.philpott@ucd.ie

"Because of my scholarship, I have been able to focus all my energy on the final year of my studies. Beyond the financial benefit, which of course was hugely significant and allows me to graduate debt-free, being awarded this Scholarship felt like a recognition of my efforts, which was a massive confidence boost."

"Having a Réalta Masters in Engineering Scholarship has enabled me to focus all of my attention on my studies. This has paid off significantly and has allowed me to have my most successful academic year to date. It has meant the world to me and I am truly grateful for it"

"The Réalta Masters in Engineering Scholarship has allowed me to finish my degree with dignity and less stress than I may have had otherwise....I can hopefully get into a job which will provide both financial stability and security for myself and my family."

"As a result of my scholarship, I have been able to make the most of the Masters programme and really push myself to see how far I could take the project. This was possible because I did not have the worry of how to afford the course fees and I did not have to take time out from studying to find a job to support myself. As a direct result of this, I am on track to achieve my highest results throughout my time in UCD. This year would undoubtedly have been much harder in terms of balancing study and finances had it not been for this scholarship."

"This scholarship provided me with an incredible opportunity to get the most from my Masters at UCD; something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am incredibly grateful to have had this support"

"This scholarship means I'll be able to continue to focus fully on my academics as my education at UCD comes to a close. Having the freedom to put time into study over work, will be the difference in my degree."

“having the scholarship will really will be life-changing for me for next year”

"The Réalta masters scholarship has lifted a huge weight off not only me but my family. The scholarship has given me the opportunity to get the most from my masters at UCD, allowing me to apply myself to my work without the financial worry of masters fees above my head. I'm incredibly grateful to have the support of the program and proud to be a member of its alumni."

"Not having the constant stress of repaying a loan for my masters would help me through the work I had to put in...it would help my whole family. It could give me the opportunity to work less hours and put more time and energy into the degree itself, and my family"

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