A-Z of environmental and sustainability research

The A-Z of Environmental and Sustainability Research is a new series of short essays by UCD postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers, technical and research support staff, about their work. The series is developed and curated by the Earth Institute Associate Member Committee, with new pieces published over the course of 2021 and 2022. If you'd like to submit a piece for the series or have a suggestion for a topic we should cover do get in touch!

A is for Anthropocene

Nick Scroxton from the UCD School of Earth Sciences asks whether the vast scale of human change to our planet has instigated a new period of geological time, and if so, when did it start?

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B is for Bees

Katherine Burns from the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science tells us why solitary bees are the working single mothers of the pollinator world and explains what we can do to support them.

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C is for Cannabis

Caroline Dowling from the UCD School Biology and Environmental Science tells us why Cannabis is a most versatile yet misunderstood crop, with uses in medicine, energy, construction and more.

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