Virtual Coffee Mornings

IMiBio: Misiones - A Biodiversity Haven

Instituto Misionero de Biodiversidad (IMiBio)

November 25 2021

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Cultivating Engagement: Contemporary Art, Farming and Climate Change

Deirdre O' Mahony

Earth Institute Artist in Residence

November 18 2021

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New Strategic Priority Projects

New institute projects on mountains, public perceptions of biofertilizers and sustainable well being

November 11 2021

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More Sustainable and Resilient Urban Traffic using CAVs

Dr. Shen Wang

School of Computer Science

October 28 2021

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How to Better Integrate Nature in Cities: Are Serious Games Effective Tools?

Dr. Aura Istrate

School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy

October 21 2021

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Internet of Things Data Collection and Management for Ecological Sensing

Dr. Declan Delaney

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

October 14 2021

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Archaeology, Heritage and Climate Change in Eastern Africa

University of Dar es Salaam

University of St. Andrews

UCD School of Archaeology

October 7 2021

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The Missing Workshop

Mark Clare, UCD Artist in Residence

Tara Dirilgen, UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science

Mairead Stafford

20 May 2021

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Dirty Dairy and Bedroom Bees

Dr. Simon Hodge

UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science

13 May 2021

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The Competing Imaginaries of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Dr. Paul J. Ennis

UCD School of Business

6 May 2021

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Biopesticides and Biofertilizers for Crop Production

Dr. Angela Feechan, UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science

Dr. Rainer Melzer, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science

Dr. Saoirse Tracy, UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science

29 April 2021

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A Vision for Community Wellbeing vs Wellbeing as Seen from the Top

Michael Ewing

Irish Environmental Network

Environmental Pillar

22 April 2021

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Engagement in Sustainable Futures

Associate Professor Jennifer Symonds

School of Education

Geary Institute for Public Policy

15 April 2021

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The Question of Trust in Science

Professor Maria Baghramian

UCD School of Philosophy

8 April 2021

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Artistic response to a grand challenge

Dr. Dermot Foley

UCD School of Landscape, Architecture and Environmental Policy 

1 April 2021

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The media portrayal of human-wildlife conflict: why does it matter?

Grace Nolan

PhD Student

UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science 

25 March 2021

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Introducing the IRC Fellowships

Dr. Tara Dirilgen, School of Agriculture and Food Science 

Dr. Tony Twamley, School of Agriculture and Food Science 

11 March 2021

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Israeli and Palestinian Environmental Imaginaries

Dr. Hannah Boast

UCD School of English, Drama and Film

4 March 2021

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Introducing the UCD Earth Institute People, Work, Society Research Theme

Prof. Donna Marshall, School of Business

Dr. Mags Crean, School of Education

Dr. Penelope Muzanenhamo, School of Business

25 February 2021

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Education and the carbon intensity of wellbeing: a regional analysis

Dr. Orla Kelly

UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice 

18 February 2021

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Combined cyber and physical threats to critical infrastructure

Dr. Daniel McCrum

UCD School of Civil Engineering

11 February 2021

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Don't Demolish Dublin: The Architecture of Ultimology

Dr. Oliver Kinnane and Dr. Ellen Rowley

UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy

4 February 2021

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Vanishing Houses: The impacts of climate and cultural change on the architecture of Samburu in northern Kenya

Dr. Brendan O'Neill

UCD School of Archaeology 

3 December 2020

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Biodiversity in Local Authorities: The role of a Biodiversity Officer and engagement with universities

Anne Murray

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

26 November 2020

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DIVERSICROP: Mapping historic practices and current challenges to understand why some crops are underutilized in Europe

Dr. Sónia Negrão, School of Biology and Environmental Science

Dr. Meriel McClatchie, School of Archaeology

12 November 2020

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Measuring Sustainable Actions at Community Level: The Community SDG Dashboard

Dr. Ainhoa Gonzalez, School of Geography

Lyn Hagin Meade, Dundrum2030 Community Group

5 November 2020

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The Importance of Faults and Fractures in Groundwater Flow

Prof. John Walsh

UCD School of Earth Sciences

29 October 2020

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UCD Centre for Irish Towns

Dr. Philip Crowe, School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy and School of Civil Engineering

Dr. Orla Murphy, School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy

22 October 2020

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COVID-19 & The Water Sector: Understanding Impact, Preparedness and Resilience

Dr. Sarah Cotterill

UCD School of Civil Engineering 

15 October 2020

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The Unavoidable Interconnectedness of Everything

Mark Clare

UCD Artist in Residence

8 October 2020

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Re-EcoNet: Reconstructing Ecological Networks to predict systemic crisis

Dr. Tancredi Caruso, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science

Prof. Matthias Rillig, Freie Universität Berlin

Dr. Diego Garlaschelli, IMT Lucca & University of Leiden

1 October 2020

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UCD Proudly Made in Africa Fellowship

Dr. David Nyaluke

UCD School of Business

24 September 2020

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Watching Wetlands Breathe - Water & Carbon in Flooded Ecosystems

Dr. Elke Eichelmann

UCD School of Biology & Environmental Science

4 June 2020 

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A Financial Needs Assessment for Biodiversity

Dr.Craig Bullock

UCD School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy 

21 May 2020 

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Measuring Stability and Systemic Crises in Ecological Networks

Dr. Tancredi Caruso 

UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science

7 May 2020 

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Right Tree, Right Place for Optimum Urban Heat Mitigation

Dr. Tobi Morakinyo 

UCD School of Geography 

23 April 2020 

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Ice Patch Archaeology - Or, What I Was Going to Do This Summer

Professor Graeme Warren 

UCD School of Archaeology 

16 April 2020 

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