Earth Talks

Welcome to #UCDEarthTalks. These informal Q&As highlight interdisciplinary environmental research from across UCD and explore the topical challenges that are being addressed by Institute researchers. 

Nick Holden

Professor Nick Holden from UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering on food system resilience and sustainability, the global soil crisis and food waste.

17 September 2020

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Karen Keaveney

Assistant Professor Karen Keaveney from UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science on Ireland’s relationship to land and landscape, the neoliberal approach to development, and the future of rural Ireland.

11 August 2020

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Conor Sweeney

Assistant Professor Conor Sweeney from UCD School of Maths & Statistics on climate change, renewable energy and the science of meteorology. 

8 June 2020

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Gianluca Miscione

Assistant Professor Gianluca Miscione from UCD School of Business on Smart Cities, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and the Eircode project. 

8 May 2020

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Danny Dorling

Professor Danny Dorling of the University of Oxford on launching his new book, the end of the "Great Acceleration" and his thoughts on our current pandemic. 

5 May 2020

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Niamh Moore-Cherry

Associate Professor Niamh Moore-Cherry from UCD School of Geography on urban governance, green infrastructure and Ireland's metrophobia.

1 May 2020

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Brian Tobin

Assistant Professor Brian Tobin from UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science on the trees of Belfield, beekeeping in Rosemount and the misunderstood Sitka spruce. 

29 April 2020

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Patrick Paul Walsh

Professor Patrick Paul Walsh from UCD School of Politics and International Relations on globalisation, whole of society partnerships and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

28 April 2020

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Kevin McDonnell

Professor Kevin McDonnell from UCD School of Agriculture & Food Science, and UCD School of Biosystems & Food Engineering on sustainable agriculture, smart green economy and the GMO debate.

24 April 2020

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Meriel McClatchie

Assistant Professor Meriel McClatchie from UCD School of Archaeology on prehistoric Irish foodways, present day food security, and the Paleo Diet. 

22 April 2020

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Rainer Melzer

Assistant Professor Rainer Melzer from UCD School of Biology and Environmental Biology on flower power, crop science and the future of hemp research.

21 April 2020

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