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New Institute members, August 2019

Published: Friday, 30 August, 2019

A very warm welcome to three new new Institute members this month. Pezhman Ghadimi (Mech and Materials Engineering), Grace Cott (School of Biology and Environmental Science) and Soumyabrata Dev (Computer Science).

Pezhman Ghadimi (Mech and Materials Engineering) is Assistant Professor of Manufacturing and Director of the MEngSc Engineering Management programme. His research ambitions are in the area of sustainable manufacturing and supply chain modelling with the goal of transforming national and international industrial and community priorities to competitive research and development projects. He has been active in sustainability, procurement, Multi-Agent Systems as well as operations research and designing assessment techniques. 

Grace Cott (School of Biology and Environmental Science) is a coastal wetland ecologist. Her research focuses on examining the dynamics of coastal ‘blue carbon’, that is the carbon sequestered in vegetated coastal habitats, specifically tidal marshes, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests. Grace examines the extent to which wetland plants respond to global change factors such as elevated atmospheric CO2 and temperature. Understanding these responses is key in order to predict how these ecosystems will respond to climate change and to manage them in such a way to protect their vital functions of carbon storage and coastal protection.

Soumyabrata Dev (Computer Science) has recently joined UCD from ADAPT SFI Research Centre TCD. His research interests include image processing, machine learning, and remote sensing. He solves problems in digital multimedia, cloud imaging, and solar and renewable energy. His current work involves the use of sky cameras to understand variability and uncertainty of solar irradiance.

Welcome to Pezhman, Grace and Soumyabrata! You can find out more about our members and their research interests in our directory.