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New Institute Members, June 2020

Published: Tuesday, 30 June, 2020



A very warm welcome to the four new new Institute members that have recently joined us!

Conor Buggy (Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science) is an Assistant Professor in Occupational and Environmental Studies, with active research interest in the interactions between the environment and the public. Conor's main areas of scientific interest include occupational risk awareness and safety culture and the impact communication has on organisations and society, especially in the context of minority and migrant communities. 

Elke Eichelmann (Biology and Environmental Science) has recently joined UCD from a position at the University of California Berkeley, USA and her interests centre on greenhouse gas flux research, working across different ecosystems, from natural and agricultural to polluted city environments, as well as across scales from leaf and
plant level to ecosystem and regional level.

Marie Moran (Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice) is a lecturer in Equality Studies, whose work spans cultural studies, sociology, politics and philosophy. Maria's research involves using the resources of social, cultural and political theory to interrogate pressing contemporary social and equality issues, including exploration and analysis of their potential political resolution. Her first book, Identity and Capitalism (Sage), was published in 2015, and she is currently working on a second book entitled Inequality in the 21st Century (Polity). 

David Nyaluke (Business) is an Assistant Professor and UCD-PMIA Fellow is Business and Development, working to explore the role of Africa in the international trade system, specifically in the context of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. David is also actively connected with the African Diaspora community in Ireland and Europe through networks such as the African Scholars Association of Ireland (AfSAI), African Students Association of Ireland (ASAI) and other social (Africa Centre, and Committee for the UN Decade of People of African Descent- Ireland) and business networks of African diaspora (African Diaspora Agribusiness Alliance).


Welcome to Conor, Elke, Marie and David! You can find out more about our members and their research interests in our directory.